A software solution used on a desktop computer in conjunction with a mobile device such as a Palm to enable teachers to assess children’s progress in the context of their daily activities.

Business Challenge:

Child Chart is a revolutionary and innovative way to help teachers monitor and assess young children’s progress with ease and efficiency.

• Make Assessing Young Children’s Progress Easy and Fun.
• Make Assessment Comprehensive and Efficient.
• Save Teachers Time.
• Should be based Upon National Educational Standards.
• Eliminate Paper Work, Filing and Lost Records.
• Improve Parent-Teacher Communication.

Software Solution:

The Palm OS application intended to be used by practitioners who carry out assessment objectives of student and get the data entered into the Palm in the form of checks, images and notes. Finally, this information is synchronized with the Desktop application for generation of student progress reports.

• Helps teachers do ongoing assessment of young children in the context of children’s work and play, easily and efficiently as they click off children’s progress indicators on their Palm Pilot type device.
• Creates an individual folder for each child with progress reports, photographs and observation notes of each child's work.
• Eliminates hours of note-taking and recordkeeping.
• Includes ten curriculum areas with progress indicators for each area, based on national educational standards.
• Progress information is electronically kept in children’s files on the teacher’s desktop computer, eliminating the need for keeping reams of paper notes and files.
• Enables teachers to share detailed information about children’s progress with parents including specific dates and even photographs of their children’s achievements.

This Child Chart application covers basic mathematics calculation like addition, subtraction and multiplication using images, science information, social studies, arts, creative drama with some gestures, physical education information on outdoor games like football and cricket, music rhymes, and technology information like basic computer information (keyboard, mouse, cpu parts). This application includes exercises on all the topics and all are objective questions to check the child performance. This application is mainly build for education intuitions. You have an option of emailing all the performance details of each student.


Child Chart helps the teacher know what she needs to work on with each child. It helps the teacher meet children’s needs more effectively and communicate with parents by showing them, in a concrete way, how their child is progressing. This application saves all child’s profile information.

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