Don’t make a marriage wound of your life:
Two unknown strangers tie a knot hoping for a lot of happiness, prosperity and future endeavours, it becomes the most auspicious and special day for both the people. But, at the same time you cannot just continue the marriage if there is no love, no trust and no bonding, and that is the time where you need to free yourself as well as the other person in your marriage. Undoubtedly, divorce is not yet normalized in our society, as it comes with a lot of changes in two lives, but Chicago Divorce Lawyers says that marriage becomes an unhealed wound in a couple’s life if it doesn’t make either of the two happy and content. When you lack the main essence of a happy marriage, it’s high time to think-rethink and discuss your issues with your spouse, as a clear talk could somehow give you some result.

What are the several causes behind divorces?
When divorce is not an easy decision to take, we are supposed to support people who go for it. But before that knowing about the causes that triggered them to make such a decision is important. After knowing the reasons, the court will help you with every possible assistance and guidance to save your marriage, if the reason sounds resolvable, says lawyers in our Chicago family law firm.

But we want to take your attention to those common-yet-probable reasons which can break a marriage:
Categorizing divorce, it is of 2 types:
No-fault divorce: When the spouses decide to get legally separated with their mutual consent, then they can directly file a divorce in the court through an experienced divorce attorney. While talking about the reasons behind a no-fault divorce, we have some following as:
• Lacking love and trust in marriage
• Extramarital affairs
• Communication gap
• Financial incompatibility
• Unnecessary involvement of outsiders in the couple’s marital issues, etc.

In all these divorce scenarios, things become more overwhelming when the couple has children and that is the part where a proficient Child custody attorney Chicago IL will show you the right way to deal with the entire process.

Fault divorce: When spouses decide to get divorced and also file a police complaint against each other, it is a case of fault divorce. And the reasons coming under this type are:
• Abusive and insane behaviours of one spouse to another
• If one spouse is addicted to alcohol, drugs, etc.
• Hiding sexual disability
• Adulteration
• Imprisonment of one spouse, etc.

Though seeking an expert child custody lawyer here too is the most approachable way if you want to get your child’s custody, the other parent can consult a Chicago Visitation Lawyer to secure his or her visitation rights.

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