Marriage is the most important decision in a person's life, and a host of factors are at the back of a person's mind when he is planning to get married. Some of these are finding joy in the relationship, finding blessings from elders and love from those younger, and discovering a relationship which is long lasting and enduring.

It may be tough to achieve these, but by the means of astrology compatibility, these can be achieved.

Lets run through the five major things that an astrologers looks for while preparing a chart compatibility report:-


It is often easier for an individual to guess your ascendant sign than your sun sign, because the ascendant sign is the face you present to the world. It's really the default or automatic way of dealing with life. This makes the ascendant sign a basic essential for checking the compatibility between two individuals.


How the sun and moons are placed again exemplifies how well the energies gel in. Additionally, this gives us a clue about the existence of a conflict.

One must know the houses where the respective suns and moons are. That gives us an idea as to where both partners are concentrating their emotional energies.

For an instance, if both are career oriented, it doesn't augur well for their family life. Overall, the placement exemplifies how the important energies are integrated in a couple.


Venus is the planet of romance while Mars is the planet of passion. For compatibility, an astrologer checks the position of these planets, and tries to locate angles and aspects amongst them.

A certain degree of tension does the trick, and is vital for sexual magnetism as well. Now if the links in between the two birth charts are only harmonious, it could make the real life boring!

So an astrologer needs to skillfully look at the placement of other planets as well.

For instance, Uranus lets us know where surprises lie in a relationship, while Pluto tells us about power struggles. Jupiter speaks of optimism and joy, and in the same way, Saturn lets us know of responsibility. Through Mercury, we know of communication issues and so on.


An astrologer invariably takes pains to figure out if each of the partners individually has something which the other partner lacks.

Just as an instance, if one of the partners has a lot of planets in water signs, an astrologer works towards figuring out if that balances the lack of water in a partner's birthchart. The vital link here invariably is whether two people need each other or depend on each other in any way.

So this can give us a great deal of idea about chart compatibility, and also the longevity of a relationship.


Mirrored aspects also give us a detailed idea about compatibility. As an example, his Sun might be conjunct (in the same position or close to) her ascendant while her Sun could be conjunct to his ascendant. Such a scenario does not augur well for compatibility.

But in general, mirrored aspects could be Karmic or soulful links.

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