Excited to move to your new home? Of course, you might be looking for free moving quotes online from long distance movers as well. While moving and beginning a new life is overwhelming, you need a little bit of planning to make things easier for yourself.

You can request for no-obligation moving quotes from cheap long distance movers by filling a simple form at Moversfolder, and while seeking, you must remember to check a few things including accepted payment methods, license & insurance of the moving company you are dealing with and more., Here are 7 tips for you to get started with your moving. Ask these questions to your mover before hiring.

1. Comprehensive Comparison: A simple Google search will return a long list of long distance moving companies. However, their way of working, rates, and features are different from each other. That’s why you need to do a comprehensive comparison of the moving services, pricing differences, moving company reviews and ratings. Besides comparing the pros and cons, you need to find out the one offering efficiently priced services.

2. Background Check: Very Often, customers forget to check the license of their long distance mover and mostly end up with numerous issues. To avoid unnecessary trouble, you should always try to verify the moving company license details with the US DoT (United States Department of Transportation) website.

3. Proof Of Insurance: If you have decided to go ahead with a moving company, you should always ask for proof of insurance policies. Having such documents handy will help you to initiate the compensation faster, in the case of your goods are damaged. Companies providing insurance will have a sense of liability coverage as well.

4. Estimate Based On Items: Long distance movers usually determine the estimates based on several factors and types of items to be moved like a number of boxes, total weight or volume of shipment and distance to be traveled. The honest long-distance moving company team will usually walk through the household items on-site before giving you a moving estimate.

5. Payment Methods: When you are considering to choose a moving company, you need to know the payment method as well that they will accept. Different moving companies may accept different payment methods according to their preference or convenience. However, you should never pay the full amount before having your items moved. The standard practice is to pay some amount in advance and the rest upon job completion.

6. Movers Agreement: Documents are the most important thing when you are moving long distance from one state to another. A proper document will contain information on moving date, moving distance, household inventory, additional charges, and complete service cost details. You must look for these nitty-gritty details in writing to be on the safe side. Also, it is suggested that you put your signature after the company representatives have out theirs.

7. Necessary Information: Your long distance movers need to know even the tiniest information that you might not consider to be important. If your apartment doesn’t permit parking or if there is a local event, you have to let them know in advance, In case you end up having more items than planned, you should let them know well ahead of time. This kind of information will help your movers to come prepared and offer the best possible service.
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