Channeled messages – November 2009

As with all channeled messages, use discernment, trust your inner guidance and remember, YOU create your reality.

I received a message from Source suggesting I should speak about changes in the Cosmos and 2012 at my upcoming talk at the Spiritual Light Center in Franklin, NC, in
November 2009. I replied, “I do not know anything about the Cosmos and 2012.”
I received the response, “I will tell you.”

13 Nov 2009

I began receiving information I felt the people I was speaking to would not want to hear.

My Question: Do I really want to talk about things they do not want to hear?

Answer: Yes, they need to know. Tell them and let them decide for themselves.

Be ready by clearing yourself of density.

Question: How do we do this?

Answer: Do not eat dead animals.

Question: Including fish?

Answer: Fish are less toxic but they too must be avoided. They are poison in your body.

There is a karmic bond between animals and humans that keeps them from evolving. Don’t’ plan anything that includes meat to eat even for others. Remove yourself from the picture completely.

Man does not require meat according to …. Creation. This has been indoctrinated and drilled into the minds of humans by beings of less than Light in order to control them. The eating of animal flesh keeps humans in the state of bondage due to ingestion of fear and blood. Blood consumption keeps humans in a lower chakra level existence and will continue to do so. In order to achieve Ascension with ease and grace, consider cleansing your bodies of the remains of animal flesh. Retrain yourselves. Your belief systems can be changed if you desire to do so. Your belief about the need for animal protein and associated amino acids has been given by those who are trying to control you and they have been succeeding. Human beings are capable of converting anything they eat to what their body needs.

Go to the place where the animals are slaughtered. Look into the eyes of the animal. Place your hands against him and feel the fear. Watch while the animal is put to death ………... Ask yourself this question: “Is this love?"

Source: People will require vast amounts of cleansing.

People who choose to continue eating dead animals will suffer during cleansing.

Question: Can people ascend who are eating meat.

A. Yes, they can but it will be hard for them. It will be difficult to maintain balance and cause marked disharmony. Their level of comprehension will be low due to the ingestion of inorganic matter. There will be no animals available for slaughter in the next dimension.

Question: Does it matter if it is cooked or raw?

Answer: Raw food is always best as it is full of Light and oxygen. Cooking removes the life force, which includes the oxygen. Live food contains Light more so than cooked food. It helps your body to cleanse by eating raw food. (However) Do not feel you must eat all raw food. Hot food warms the body in winter. ……… Cook food only when necessary.

Make it a habit to bless your food and breathe Light into it. Give sufficient support to each other. It is not necessary to change right away. Make it a gradual change. Most important is to give up the belief that your body needs something that it cannot produce by itself. Say a prayer every day that includes instructions to your body to change what it believes. Tell it to believe in its power to convert whatever it is given to whatever it needs.

You need only what is necessary for you to draw the energy into your body. You need what you think you need. But you can convert whatever you have to what you need

Place your body in the Light every day. Fill your body with Light.

Tell them not to worry. Worry is causing disruption. Worry makes them ill. Illness is not necessary. Too many people believe that sickness is a part of life. It is not. Sickness is not necessary. Alternative forms of healing must be sought after. Medical care at present is creating more density. Prescription medicine and over the counter medication all causes density. Prescription drugs are poison and must be avoided.

Q: Many people take prescriptions that they feel are necessary.

A. Seek out natural alternative methods of healing. Alternative healing is the only answer. Diet and exercise will eliminate most problems. Dietary changes will require self discipline and cannot be overstated. Raw food is best for the body.

You are Divine. You have the power to heal yourself of anything. Tell them not to believe everything they read and hear.

Question: What more can I tell them to prepare?

Answer: First they need to know what they choose to do. Ascend or leave. Many will leave.

Question: It is my understanding that the time of our death is already set when we come in. ……Is there a choice we make and how will we know?

A: Only in so far as your actions will reveal. You must realize that by choosing to lighten your soul you are making a choice. Live a life where you free yourself of mass marketing of realities that do not serve you. Tell them not to believe everything they read and hear. They must be ready to give up much of what they think they need.

Question: I asked for an example.

A: Electrical devices that do not serve them. Most electrical devices do more harm than good. Your television is a good example. Subliminal messages create disharmony in the body. Give up television as soon as you can. This will help you eliminate interference patterns in the body. Most of your electronic devices cause harm. Electricity itself is harmful.

Question: Are you saying we will not have electricity in 2013?

A: Yes, but it will be different. Microwave ovens cause major damage. Get rid of them. People need to understand they must prepare by cleansing themselves of negative interference patterns.

Create a glyph for phones. Also one that will help balance the body.

Electronic devices that give others information about you should be avoided. I asked for details.

A: Cell phones. Electronic surveillance tracking devices. All satellite devices are suspect and should be removed from your life.

Q: How do they affect our readiness to evolve and ascend?

A: They do not per say, but they keep you under surveillance and do not allow you freedom from others who might construe as a threat.

Q. Let’s get back to what we can do to prepare.

A: Spend time with the earth. They earth will cleanse you. Give it the opportunity. Spend as much time as you can in nature. Get away from any electrical interference. This is paramount. It cannot be overstated.

Q: Is there anything else?

A: Incomplete karma must be resolved. Ask to have it removed.

Q: Some teach there is no such thing as karma. It is just a belief.

A: The words of others do not resolve issues. Do not believe all you hear or read. Use your own judgment. Does it stand to reason you can do anything you want without consequences? This then is karma.

Q: What about issues from past lives.

A. None of them matter if you ask it to be removed.

Question: Will there be a major earth changes, earthquakes and so forth before 2012.

Answer: Yes, many. Do not expect to hear about everything. Much will be unreported. Many souls will leave.

Question: In what way?

Answer: All ways. Most will leave through sickness. There will be a plague of sorts.
(I wondered what was meant by “of sorts” but did not ask.)

Question: Man made?

Answer: No, this will come of declining health due to toxicity. They cannot take the change.

Question: Are you saying that people will die because they cannot take the change in energy coming in?

Answer: Yes, many of them

End of message.

Author's Bio: 

Jean Logan is an ordained minister of Universal Life Church, has a doctorate in Holistic Nutritional Healing and is a student of Pranic Healing, Reiki, and Emotional Thought Field Therapy. She is president of Holy Ground Farm, Inc., a non profit that supports the education of children. She is the author of “Unlocking the Power of Glyphs” with all profits dedicated to charity. She has been a conscious channel for many years. She is available for speaking engagements.