Changes to Your Healthcare: What You Might Have Missed
As many already know, the new healthcare overhaul this year will allow young adults to stay on their parent’s healthcare plans. But there are a few lesser known provisions that will be taking place in the coming months that might have a lasting change on the nation’s health care system.
Prevention That Costs Less
Under the new provisions, insurers won’t be able to charge deductibles or co-payments for preventative services. These include cancer screenings, cholesterol tests, and STD screenings. Immunizations will have to be covered at no costs to patients. Some health care analysts have suggested that premiums will rise as a result of this, but members of the current administration say any rises will be miniscule.
Understanding Your Treatment Options
Government agencies will direct non-profit groups to examine various medical treatments by looking at data and conducting studies. Although some of the findings will likely generate controversy, the law says that the findings can’t dictate how doctors practice medicine or what insurers can cover. However, such findings can be used as rationale to change policy in the future.
What Will Your Health Cost Be If You Are an Early Retiree?
There is a new program that will help employers manage the cost for retirees who are age 55 and older, living in assisted facilities, and are not eligible for Medicare. These reimbursements will cover 80% of medical claims between $15,000 and $90,000. This includes the spouses and dependents of the retirees.
Expanded Coverage for Medicaid
Starting in 2014, Medicaid will expand to cover everyone who makes 133% below the national poverty line. Currently, most people in this demographic who don’t have children aren’t covered by the program.
‘Duel Eligibles’ Coordination
Duel Eligibles are people who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid, many of whom are elderly and poor. The Federal Government is creating a new office to coordinate their care.
The FDA and ‘Follow On Biologics’ Approval
Lower cost versions of Biologic Drugs will now be approved by the FDA thanks to the new healthcare overhaul. Later this year, the FDA will hold its first meetings on how this process should work.
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