It's sad how some people choose to be stuck in the same situation, no matter what! You can tell these people apart from the rest of the crowd quite easily...

They are found to be always complaining; and yet, they will not do anything to change the situation they are in. They will always talk about taking a break or calling it quits, but will never do it, because they are afraid to step out of the cocoon they have built for themselves.

The Cheese in Your Life!

Long ago, a psychologist conducted a brilliant experiment with rats. He put a rat at the mouth of three tunnels, only one of which had cheese. The rat went up and down the tunnels, but quickly changed track when it found that there was no payoff in the two tunnels and only scampered up the one that had the payoff.

But unfortunately there are many human beings, who in spite of being highly evolved creatures, do not seem to have the simple judgement that the rat showed in this experiment.

These human beings spend an entire lifetime moving up and down the same tunnel looking for something that does not exist and yet refuse to change track. In fact, they also have their family members, friends and acquaintances concede that the track they are in is the right one, despite being fully aware of the fact that there is no “cheese” at the end of the tunnel.

What they do not realise is that carrying out this pointless exercise for the rest of their lives will do them no good, and in fact be counterproductive, because they will end up feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

If you are empathising with this situation, and don’t want to be like a rat who goes up and the same tunnel where there is no cheese, you can take action right now!

Everything in life is about making a choice. It is as easy as choosing what you want to wear! You would not want to wear those out of fashion clothes that are lying in your wardrobe now would you? So why choose to be in a job or a life situation that is sucking the energies of life out of you?

Change is in Your Hand.

It's time you took matters into your own hand, if you really want things to change. Why wait and blame the situation, if you find yourself stuck?

There is no denying that taking the first step is indeed a difficult thing to do, but unless you do take the first step nothing is ever going to change.

You can keep telling yourself that there are logical and reasonable explanations about why you are in the situation that you are in now, but it is worthwhile to remember that you alone are responsible for it.

All the present situations that you find yourself in now, are a result of the choices that you have made in the past. And if you choose to stay put and do nothing to change the situation, things are going to be like that forever!

It is indeed like moving up and down the same tunnel without any payoffs! Don’t unnecessarily delay your life by procrastinating. If you do that, it will be like saying you want to drive only when all the signals in the city are green.

As impossible as that may be, so is the fact that life is going to be without any problems. Change may seem to be difficult and uncomfortable in the beginning, but eventually you will find yourself liberated, if you truly choose to do what your heart desires!

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