Many people don’t like the bitter earthy taste of hemp and so can be put off ever trying CBD. CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in hemp which is part of the cannabis plant family. However, unlike THC (another cannabinoid that is predominant in marijuana), CBD does not get you high, but is believed to hold many therapeutic benefits such as helping with anxiety, getting to sleep and reducing those aches and pains. Given these wonderful positives it’s a shame that people could be put off simply because of its taste! Luckily, companies have realised this and are developing CBD products that better mask the taste - enter CBD edibles such as CBD chocolate !

CBD chocolate in the UK

CBD edibles, as the name suggests, is CBD which you take in an edible format. So really the options are endless - you simply add hemp extract into whatever sweet treat or savoury snack you like. You can see this in the US where they have a vast range of cannabis edibles to choose from even cheese crackers! Over in the UK though, there is a lot less selection as CBD and its popularity is more of a new phenomenon. The main CBD edibles on sale are CBD gummies and CBD chocolate in the UK.

CBD edibles in the UK differ from cannabis edibles that you are able to buy in many US states. As I said, CBD is the non-psychoactive compound found in hemp and so will not get you high. This means a CBD edible, such as a CBD chocolate in the UK is basically just a healthy or an enhanced nutritional version of whatever treat it is in - so a healthier chocolate! Who doesn’t want that?! Please note on this point - if you have become a fan of CBD chocolate in the UK, when you go to America or somewhere else in the world where THC products are legal, do check the chocolate before you buy to make sure it is CBD dominant or contains zero THC otherwise you will be in for quite the surprise (unless that’s intended!).

In the last couple of years, and as more people have become interested in CBD, the quality of CBD edibles, in particular CBD chocolate has dramatically improved. Initially people could rely on the fact that their chocolate contained CBD and so paid less attention to the taste. As such, most of the CBD chocolate on offer was quite dry and very bitter. With more demand for CBD products, brands had to make more of an effort with taste so as to stand out in what is fast becoming a crowded market and to keep their customers coming back for more. My favourite brand that popped up a year or so ago in the UK is Paso. They have incredibly snazzy packaging that holds up alongside any non-CBD high-end chocolate. In fact, that is where I found it in the food halls of Selfridges (which also just shows how in vogue CBD is that it has made it into one of the largest department stores. This also should ease any worries that CBD is in some way illegal as they would not be selling it if it was! Imagine the process of getting something approved for Selfridges.

The Paso chocolate comes in milk or dark chocolate and is truly delicious. I have now swapped out my generic chocolate after a meal for my delicious and more nutritious alternative - CBD chocolate! Let me know below if you’ve found any other good CBD chocolate options.

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