Podcasts have DOUBLED to 2,000,000 since the pandemic started! That means that the number of opportunities for you to monetize being a guest on podcasts and has also doubled.

Are you capitalizing on this essential Collaborative Lead Generation (CLG) tool that can dramatically grow your business right now, even in the pandemic?

No podcast experience is required.

Is it imperative that podcast guesting be done with a proven system to easily convert your appearances into cash. Without such a system, you are pissing in the wind when you appear on podcasts. With the right system, it’s like catching fish in a barrel. You choose.

By leveraging Other People’s Audiences (OPA) as a podcast guest, you get your message and offer out to 1000s of your perfect prospects all at one time. Do I have your attention? Those prospects are prequalified and presold making them easy to convert into paying clients. Cha Ching!

In this talk, Olympia reveals her proven 7-step system to quickly and easily monetize as many of the 2,000,000 podcasts that you want to be on …

So you can dazzle 1000s of your perfect prospects in less than 30 minutes with your expertise that solves their painful problem …

Then you get to reel in an additional 6 Figures. Easy Peasy.

Speaker Bio
Olympia radically 2Xs income, fun and freedom for 6 & 7 Figure business owners who are overworked and want work to feel like play.

She loves working and playing in the realms of millions and billions. She is an award-winning business consultant and speaker, a Fortune 500 companies’ partner and a leader of the highest national security programs.

By the age of 33, she was a corporate executive leading multi-billion dollar programs - making more than $50 Million in sales, facilitating sales of more than $10 Billion and leading teams of up to 100 people.

As The Queen Of Collaborative Wealth, Olympia liberates business owners’ freedom to scale their companies and fast forward their success without working harder or longer on their fastest path to freedom of time & money!

She was a dolphin in another life. She has been to Hawaii 39 times and lives at the beach.

Since she earned her MBA in Finance, she specializes in business growth strategy that fast tracks success while also having a joyful and meaningful life. Olympia works with high-achieving business owners who seek success and wealth to make a difference for themselves and humanity.

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