If you have already been in Cape Town, you know the meaning of 'Cape Town grabs you!'. This city has a very powerful energy that gets to you. Lots of people think that the three mountains that encircle the city centre are one of the reasons...

The highest and the majestic Table Mountain (1087m) is surrounded by the mysterious Devil's peak (1000m) and the beautiful Lion's Head. Every day, their aspects change and you can't get bored looking at them and above all their presence makes you smile and warms up your heart. If you are stuck in traffic there is a good chance that you'll have a view on one of them...It's magic!

Cape Town is called the Mother City and it's really the relationships you quickly have with this city. She is looking after you with all its natural wonders. The choice is yours between the beautiful beaches, the mountains, the forest, the wine routes and the amazing wildlife which is omnipresent. There is no routine in Cape Town because there is too much to do! Also, the Capetonians are so helpful people, you almost feel like being part of a family! They don't see you as tourists but as people who come to share their passion for this city and they are grateful to you. You have the feeling that this city always welcomes you and supports you!

And that's why, it's also common to hear people talking about the 'Cape Town bug'. They refer to this great lifestyle that you get in this city and that motivates so many people to move to Cape Town every year, or to those tourists who come back every year to refuel!

Come to Cape Town and forget your stress, routine and unhappiness...but be aware that you might be bitten by the Cape Town bug!

Author's Bio: 

I am French and I have been living in Cape Town for the past 8 years. I am mad of this city and its lifestyle and I am eager to share my passion for Cape Town with other people. I have a website, voilacapetown.com, which shows what I like about it but I have so many things to say that it's going to take long before everything will be written!