Cancer is a disease - not a tumor. The tumor is just the result, a symptom of the disease called cancer. Therefore, unless the disease called cancer is cured, it will continue to create new tumors even if they were removed successfully in the past.

To treat cancer successfully one needs to know what to treat. Conventional and alternative medicine focus solely on tumors but this is not enough. Instead, for cancer treatment to be successful it has to focus on three components: the tumors, the cancer disease and the cancer miasm.

What are the miasms? Dr. Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, discovered that miasms are the cause of all chronic diseases. They are energetic components that exist off and within life systems. In the physical world we have matter and anti-matter, in health we have life-force (chi, prana) and the opposite - the miasms. Healing occurs when our life-force is free flowing unencumbered by miams and toxins.

The homeopaths have only partial success in treating cancer with the cancer miasm remedy, called Carcinosinum. Over the years Carcinosinum proved not to be the real cancer miasm remedy, as was previously believed; instead it is now known that cancer miasm is a combination of four other miasms that allow cancer disease to develop.

This is the proper course of treatment for cancer disease:
• First step, the homeopathic treatment of the tumors - this is the most urgent to prevent the death of the patient
• In parallel to tumor treatment, the cancer disease and cancer miasm must be treated with homeopathic remedies, to eliminate the root of cancer disease. If the miasm is left untouched or poorly treated the whole condition will get back sooner or later regardless of how good the treatment is. This is what miasms do, maintain a chronic condition.

According to latest statistics one in three people will develop cancer. This is epidemic. If cancer is epidemic it must exists in all/most humans in a latent form. According to the principle that what heals also prevents, the homeopathic treatment can be used to prevent cancer to develop. For those who have a strong family history of cancer (both parents) or for those with a strong cancer tendency that runs among their family members, cancer prevention should be explored.

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Virgil has been practicing homeopathy since 1996. He received his diplomas from The British Institute For Homeopathy and from Homeopathic Master Clinician school. He is a member of Canadian Society for Homeopaths and has a practice in Vancouver, BC.