Four Reasons To Postpone Your Vacation & Not Cancel

Shawn Pigg |
Hotels Etc. Team

At Hotels Etc., we spend countless hours each week gathering inspiring photographs and travel deals to pass along to you at home. Our world, quite literally, revolves around travel. Now more than ever, we are leaning into our travel communities for support during these hard times.

Our office (now thousands of remote home offices) is focused on how we can infuse optimism and anticipation towards what's to come for the future of travel. From Joe in Business Development who can’t wait to return to Maui, to Mayra in Accounting who vows to get another Disneyland trip in before the holidays, we’ve chosen to postpone our travel plans, rather than cancel. And we think you should too. Here’s why:

1. The tourism & travel industry needs your support.

Over 10% of the world’s employment is powered by tourism. Around our planet, families who depend on local tourism are feeling the pinch from the drastic reductions of travel. The bracelet-maker on a Mexican beach, the hotel concierge in Chicago, the third-generation tea seller in an Indian market, the airline baggage clerk in Honolulu. Travel workers across all regions and walks of life depend on tourists. By postponing travel, we are sending a message of hope – we will be back.

2. Save the Date: Allow hope to inspire happiness.

Times like these can be frustrating and difficult to manage the day to day that we once had in such a consistent rhythm. Balancing personal lives while working remotely (shout out to all the parents homeschooling!), finding supplies of everything from milk to sanitizer, uncertainty with finances, and employment…travel seems like a distant option. We feel it too. Hope is a precious commodity right now. We encourage you to give yourself something to be excited about. Travel will return, so save that date! Postponing your vacation allows travel inspiration to bring a bright spot of hope and happiness to your day.

3. Travel inspires our creativity, dream with us.

As humans, we crave exploratory experiences. Travel broadens our minds and ignites creativity. We make bucket lists and Pinterest boards dreaming of our next destination. Keep that going! We may be cooped up at home, antsy to see each other, and get back to our daily routines, but the day will come when we can get out and stretch our travel legs. So keep that creativity flowing with memories and future dreams of sun-splashed beaches and the smell of coconut oil, bustling streets lined with cafes in quaint Mediterranean cities...dream with us! Keep travel on your horizon by keeping your travel plans.

4. Travelers are planning their close-to-home getaways now.

We’re discovering that member preferences are quickly changing. There is a heightened demand for close-to-home destinations exploding as families are looking ahead to future travel plans. Road trip options have become incredibly popular. From national parks to famous interstate landmarks – these types of experiences are the perfect getaway for those waiting a bit longer for global travel to return. If you’re hesitant to travel overseas – consider changing your vacation scenery to right here in the US.

Have an existing reservation?

This is an excellent opportunity to show your support by keeping your scheduled vacation or accept a credit to use towards your next booking.

Don’t have an existing reservation?

Now is the ideal time to start searching for that perfect vacation, while prices are low, and time is on your side. Where do you see yourself in 6 months? In 1 year? If you can dream it, we can make it happen!

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