Canada has much to offer to everyone whatever taste or age group. There are many activities for outdoor and adventure lovers, along with beautiful scenery and a wealth of cultural history. Activities such as skiing and snowboarding, dog sledding, water rafting. From the big waves of the Pacific Ocean to the plains of the Western Canadian grasslands, this colossal nation is the ideal destination for thrill seekers and sightseers alike.
Canada is the second largest landmass in the world after Russia. There are numerous international and domestic flights to all the major cities. The cool winters and the warm summers away from some of the major weather storms of the south make it an ideal destination year round. The majestic Rocky Mountains through British Columbia and Alberta, offer some spectacular scenery and great opportunities for hiking, skiing and animal viewing.
From the Pacific Ocean with Vancouver Island, and Vancouver with its beautiful parks and flowers to the Rockies through to Banff in Alberta, Lake Louise and the Jasper Icefields’ created by glaciers from long ago Canada has much to offer. Polar Bears in Northern Manitoba, the Grassland of Saskatchewan, and onto Ontario with the spectacular Niagara Falls, numerous wineries and Quebec with its walled Quebec city, a world famous Ice hotel built annually and Montreal a French Cosmopolitan city.
Then comes Atlantic Canada and New Brunswick with its Hopewell Rocks, Fundy national park a geologists wonder, and the French Acadian shoreline, to Prince Edward Island with its red sandy soil famous for its Potatoes and Anne of Green Gables to Nova Scotia with its famous Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse, Cape Breton Island and the Halifax Citadel along with a myriad of world famous fiddlers and musicians. Then there is Newfoundland and Labrador with its Viking settlements and rugged coastline. Not forgetting the Newest Territories in Northern Canada with some of the wildest country in Canada and with generations of descendants from native inhabitants.
Whale watch or sea kayak on both coasts, hike the numerous hiking trails, fish for Salmon, Ski the Rockies, drive the scenic trails and learn of the rich history of Canada. Enjoy one of the many Festivals throughout the country, festivals such as the Halifax Tattoo, Colors in Cape Breton and the Quebec Ice Festival.
Canada is so different coast to coast it is like visiting numerous different countries in one, but wherever you travel throughout this beautiful country you will find the people warm and welcoming, a country you will not soon forget.

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My name is Avril Betts, I am originally from England and now a Canadian Citizen, I have over 25 years experience in all aspects of Travel and Tourism, including running an online agency for over 13 years. I holds a CHA (Certified Hotel Administrator) an internationally recognized accreditation and in 1996 hosted the president’s wives luncheon for the G7 conference.

I have co-chaired Atlantic Canada Showcase an International Travel Trade Show, managed 450 volunteers for the Tall Ships Visit in July 2000, and was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia. In 1988 I founded the Country Inn Association in Nova Scotia still going strong today. I have been involved in numerous Travel and Tourism volunteer activities throughout Atlantic Canada and across Canada.

As an experienced speaker I have spoken and presented seminars to large and small audiences for many years on subjects ranging from Marketing and Sales and Life Skills to Tourism, Travel and Real Estate, and operating an online Travel business.

As a recognized tourism expert I am accustomed to working with tourists and passing on my knowledge of the various destinations to help them make the most of their vacations.

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