You’ve seen them – those “infomercials” for various fitness gizmos that promise to give you flat, toned abs or firm thighs, or bulging arms or eliminate cellulite, or whatever. Did you know that some of those “shows” cost up to $1 million to produce? They’re incredibly slick productions with beautiful models, exotic settings and best of all – great lighting!

These shows promise that ten minutes a day, 3 times per week with their “technologically advanced” product will bring you amazing “spot reduction/tightening/firming/development” of particular body parts. Their message is so compelling, it’s really hard to keep your credit card in your wallet. Don’t feel bad if you’ve purchased one or more of these gizmos – you’re not alone. Millions of people have. And I would venture to say that 99% of those people did not get the results that were advertised. Why?

Because “spot reduction” doesn’t work. Fat loss occurs in genetically pre-determined patterns. Think about it. Men tend to hold most of their fat around the gut, and women tend to hold it around their butts and hips. There can be differences, but as general rule, the “first on, last off” principle applies. The first place you are likely to store fat is also the last place the fat comes off when you’re losing weight.

I know what you’re thinking, “wait a minute, Conor…does that mean doing tons of ab exercises is not gonna give me a six-pack?” Sadly, no. They can make your stomach stronger and tighter, but unless you reduce your overall bodyfat percentage, those six pack abs will remain a well-kept secret. Defined and tightly toned muscles are only visible when bodyfat is low. And isolating small muscle groups simply does not burn enough calories to engender any kind of significant fat loss.

I know, it seems to makes sense, if you want a toned midsection, do ab exercises, if you want toned arms, work your arms. Not so! According to Australian Professor Steve Boucher
"...researchers have examined the fat content of elite tennis players' racket arm. The logic here is that if a tennis player uses his racket arm much more than his other arm then the fat content should be less. Racket arms of tennis players usually possess greater muscle and bone mass but similar fat levels." I wonder what Suzanne Somers would have to say about that, and the huge numbers of women trying to get thighs like hers by using her “thighmaster,” while probably helping to finance the trainer, nutritionist and personal chef she uses to stay in shape!

Not to worry, some celebrities are on your side. The Governator, Arnold Schwarzenneger wrote in his New Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding: “When the body begins metabolizing fat for energy, it doesn’t go to an area where the muscles are doing a lot of work to get additional resources.” In other words, the fat loss process occurs independently, and not specifically at the muscle you are targeting. Get the picture? Take it from Arnie, save your money and your time, and by following a strucured workout and nutrition plan, over time, you will be able to say “asta la vista, baby,” to the bodyfat in those stubborn areas.

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Conor Kelly is an ACE certified personal trainer with over 10 years experience, during which time he has helped hundreds of clients achieve their fitness and body transformation goals. As CEO of EVOLUTION FITNESS since April 2007, he has renewed his commitment to delivering only the most effective, life-altering fitness programs.

Through years of trial and error combined with extensive study, Conor has developed an approach to exercise motivation that has enabled 274 Toronto residents to achieve amazing weight loss, health and fitness results. His ©BEYOND FITNESS body transformation system supports the client in becoming laser focused on the results they want, empowers them to accept responsibility for making effective exercise part of their lifestyle, and provides them with the tools needed to reach their fitness goals.

Having appeared as a fitness expert on CTV’s Canada AM, Conor is known for his highly acclaimed “Stop The Confusion!” presentation, in which he teaches audience members how to reclaim their attractive, healthy, energetic body…once and for all!

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