This lifetime is only one epoch in the continuum of your existence. You have been a living consciousness since your beginning and you will continue to be a living consciousness for the rest of eternity. It is likely that you have had lifetimes on Earth before this one and that you will have lifetimes on Earth after this one. Expand you idea of past and future to include the multiple lifetimes that you have had and those that you will undoubtedly have in the future.

Each lifetime is affected by the previous lifetime. You have built Yourself through your trials, hardships, and experiences. Each past life prepares you for the next one like childhood prepares you for adolescence and adolescence for adulthood. Just as childhood traumas can lead to a difficult adolescence, past life traumas can cause problems in this lifetime.

Past lives build on one another. Energetically, they are like layers of an onion. Each life epoch is connected, yet separate from the others. Each life epoch can help or hinder the next phase of growth.

Most therapies in our current life epoch only concern themselves with traumas of this lifetime, often going back as far as early childhood or even prenatal, but rarely further. Specific expertise is required to pierce the layer of your current lifetime to find and dissipate past life trauma.

Past life trauma is like a magnetic ball and chain. It is a heavy weight to carry, it slows you down, and it attracts similar trauma in this lifetime.

It is possible to relieve past life traumas and lighten the burden for your journey forward.

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Author's Bio: 

Michael Roland received his Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1993. He worked in Dr. Andrew Weil's Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, from 1997 to 2006, as clinician, preceptor, editor and consultant. Michael has written protocols for a studying the effects of Chinese medicine on heart transplant patients for the National Institutes of Health in the United States.
He has also taught clinical practices courses at the Arizona School for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Under his appointment as Clinical Lecturer at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine, he has participated in multidisciplinary training sessions for third and fourth year medical students. Michael has studied under recognized masters in Beijing, PRC and Taiwan.
Michael now practices his disciplines in a remote healing format with clients from around the world.