Clearance stock is a common sight on the high streets of the UK It isnt unusual to see signs on the high street advertising stock that is reduced to clear. At the end of each season shops seek to sell all unsold stock at reduced rates with a view to making space for new stock. As a customer it is possible to make massive savings with this clearance stock. There can also be money to be made from such scenarios.

In fact a lot of retailers buy up clearance stock at a reduced rate and sell it on. A lot of this stock also makes its way onto Ebay. You will see the same old faces scouring the discount shops looking for deals that they can later sell on. Some even make a full time living out of it.

If you intend to sell stuff online it is important to find out just how much you are saving in clearance sales. Do some market research and find out what the real price of the products you intend to buy are. 50% off doesn't mean a lot if the price being reduced is actually vastly inflated. If you want to make the biggest savings you really need to know how much this product sells for elsewhere. Without knowing what sort of demand exists for the product you are taking a risk by buying. Perhaps the product is in surplus supply for a reason, quite simply because nobody wants it. If you cant move stock on after buying it you could find yourself in trouble. If you are selling products on Ebay then look for tools that analyze market trends to see what kind of products are most likely to attract customers.

If you act fast when a firm is going out of business you can get particularly good deals on stock. A seller is more open to making a deal if they need to dispose of the stock quickly. If you can offer to take a substantial amount of their stock off their hands at a reduced price, they might prefer that over potentially getting a bit more from individual buyers. This means you need to get in fast with your offer.

Look online for stock being sold by companies that are ceasing trading. It is worth contacting the websites who are advertising them to see about striking any potential deals. Also check the classified sections of local newspapers for companies selling clearance stock. It seems cynical, but doing a deal on surplus stock is a chance to do yourself and the retailer a favor.

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Sarah Haines believes there is a good profit to be made with clearance stock if you want to sell stuff online.