We are constantly reminded of the importance of eating our vegetables and incorporating whole foods into our diets to achieve health and longevity.

But have you ever considered eating raw marijuana and whether consuming it will help you achieve better health and wellness? As cannabis culture gains popularity amongst the general population, some wonder if they can get high eating raw marijuana and if its consumption offers health benefits.

Can You Get High Eating Raw Marijuana?

If you’re hoping that eating raw flower, like a nig of Coma Kush, will give you a similar high to consuming actual cannabis edibles, you will be in for a disappointment.

While marijuana is known to contain THC, the psychoactive chemical compound responsible for providing users with a high sensation, THC is not readily available in raw cannabis.

Living cannabis plants and freshly picked buds do not contain the abundance of THC that marijuana is famous for. Instead, raw marijuana is rich in something called tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA).

THCA is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is converted to THC when the marijuana is heated through smoking, vaping, or cooking. This process is called decarboxylation.

What is Decarboxylation?

Decarboxylation is the process through which we can enjoy the psychoactive effects of the cannabis products we consume on a daily basis. While this is a complex chemical process, this information can be simplified for our general understanding.

The two main components for decarboxylation to occur are heat and time. The process of drying and curing cannabis can cause a partial decarboxylation to occur over a period of time.

However, smoking and vaporizing the raw flower will instantly decarboxylate cannabinoids as a result of the extremely high temperatures present, which makes them instantly and readily available for absorption through inhalation.

You don’t need a chemistry degree to conduct the decarboxylation process in your own home! As soon as you put a lighter to a bowl packed with Purple Thai, that's decarbing!

If you plan on making your own cannabis edibles, decarbing can be as easy as putting your raw flower in the oven. It can also be heated on the stove, though this method requires closer monitoring to ensure the cannabis is not accidentally overheated. If this does occur, many of the beneficial cannabinoids may be destroyed.

For those looking to make more of an investment in this process, you can purchase decarboxylation machines online that will help you decarb small batches of raw marijuana quickly and reliably.

Are There Benefits to Raw Marijuana?

We now understand that raw flower must go through the decarboxylation process for our bodies to enjoy the psychoactive effects of cannabis that we all know and love. But that doesn’t necessarily mean there are no benefits to consuming raw marijuana.

While research in this area is currently lacking, some experts advocate that eating raw cannabis may offer health benefits due to the plant compounds it contains. Raw cannabis contains proteins, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, just like other plant foods. Dr. William Courtney, an expert in cannabinoid research, advocates that marijuana should be considered a dietary essential.

In summary, you can eat raw marijuana as long as your expectations are realistic. It will not make you high or alter your physical or mental state of being. If you are interested in potential health effects, consider adding small amounts of raw flower into your existing diet, like in a smoothie.

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