People often debate the effectiveness of hypnosis, NLP or subliminal messaging. Some even dispute that one or all of these techniques work at all. So it is only natural to be skeptical and ask yourself if listening to audio recordings can benefit you in any way.

What are subliminal messages?

For those that do not know, let me paint you a picture of what subliminal messages are, and let me discuss their effectiveness further. Subliminal messages are messages that masked with the intent to slip from your conscious mind and communicate directly with the unconscious.

Is subliminal messaging really working?

If you are debating if this is even possible, allow me to tell you that advertisers have been banned from using these messages in their ads. What advertisers would do is use either images with hinted text or audio with messages recorded just out of your hearing range.

How advertisers used subliminal messages?

The text ads would contain words that usually elicit a positive reaction from us (think words like sex), words which would be masked and consciously hard to detect, but words that our subconscious picks up rather easily. The goal of these hidden words in an image ad would be to associate the feelings you have when you think of the words (again, lets say sex) with the advertisers brand.

The way audio messages are used by advertisers who practice subliminal advertising is that the words were either recorded on a pitch that is just outside our conscious hearing range, or the words were recorded in the background to the music and their volume was lowered.

How to use subliminal messaging to benefit ourselves?

But there are also good uses of subliminal audio messages. Imagine two common problems – people who want to lose weight or people who want to stop smoking. Now if you tried to lose weight or stop smoking, I am sure you are aware that it is hard to do. No matter how many times you tell yourself that this is the last bite you will eat today or that this is the last smoke, you somehow find yourself taking yet another.

This happens because you are used to yourself as you are, and change is difficult. Your conscious mind likes the way things are, and doesn’t want them to change. But, if you were able to speak directly to the subconscious, that would be a different story.

This is where subliminal audio messages can be used to help yourself get rid of nasty habits like smoking or weight loss, as they have the power to help you make lasting changes to your behaviors, thought patterns and habits in a easy to use way.

Please note that subliminal messages can only help you if what you want to achieve is something you really desire and work for. Subliminals work like added support and not a cure in and off themselves.

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