There are many aspects to consider when learning the English language. Some teachers will tell you that you can learn English in the same way that a child learns English. This is true to a certain extent, but children have a very unique ability to pick up a language, and this ability declines from the age of five onwards.

So if we learned to speak English as adults, and learn all the other skills of English as well – i.e., reading, listening, writing and all the associated grammar – then we have to pick a study program. These days, many people choose to learn English speaking online, but can you successfully learn the English language online?

This very much depends on your approach. One of the problems with learning English online is that there are so many distractions that appear from other websites, advertisements, social media and so on. So it is very important to concentrate on your online English speaking course, rather than having different tabs open on your browser and therefore clicking between them.

Learning the English language requires focus and concentration, so if you are the kind of person who is easily distracted online, perhaps you should consider another kind of English speaking program..

Of course, many online English speaking tools are just like games, so they are an easy way to pass a bit of time. They can give you a basic grasp of the language. But if you want to learn English and learn to speak English at a higher level, then you need to take a more serious course. Such a course would never tell you to ignore grammar, or reassure you that you could just pick up the language without learning its rules.

If you do decide to learn the English language online, here are some tips to help you focus on your course:

1. Disable notifications from other apps – particularly if you are working on your mobile phone Ideally, put a “Do not disturb” message on for texts and calls so you can’t be interrupted.

2. Set aside a regular time each day to focus on learning the English language – and because for speaking English online you need to speak out loud, make sure you have some privacy as well.

3. When you are learning to speak English, try to find a course with the topics that interest you. Learning English online can be a rewarding experience but unless you find the course interesting, you are on likely to spend much time on it.

4. It’s also a good idea to find a person with whom you can speak English online. this could be an online English teacher or even an English speaking chat room – it’s just good to have some practice with a real person.

There are some English courses online with lessons that are closer to real conversation than others.So when you are speaking English using these courses you will find that even though you are speaking English online and not with another person, that you are setting yourself in good stead for when you are in a real conversation.

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