Smoke detectors are the first line of defense in protection from fire. The chance of dying in a house fire doubles where there are no working smoke detectors.

The U.S. Fire Administration reports one-third of fatal residential fires take place between midnight and 5AM. A smoke detector must be functioning properly in order to save lives.

What Happens When the Smoke Detector Is Defective?

Unfortunately, the results can be catastrophic. Fires can lead to serious burns, lung damage and in the worst cases, death. Not to mention, people lose their homes and all their belongings.

Understanding the Types of Smoke Alarms

There are two types of smoke alarms on the market:

Photoelectric alarms to detect smoke
Ionization alarms to detect heat
The photoelectric alarm is ideal for detecting smoky, slow-burning, smoldering fires. The ionization alarm is useful for fast burning, heat-intense fires that don’t produce a lot of smoke.

Both types of alarm can malfunction, due to lack of battery backup, defective design or improper wiring. Majority of defective smoke detector claims result from when an ionization alarm fails to detect smoke.

Who Can Be Held Accountable?

Defective product cases are tricky. You need an experienced advocate in your corner to stand up for your rights and hold the responsible party accountable. Any of the following may be accountable in a defective smoke detector case:

The manufacturer of the defective smoke detector.
The retailer that sold the defective smoke detector.
The distributor of the defective smoke detector
The company that produced defective parts in the smoke detector
A landlord or property owner who installed the unit or failed to properly maintain it.
If you’re located in the Oklahoma City area and your smoke detector didn’t function properly during a fire and resulted in injuries, we can help. Our team of experienced product liability attorneys will hold the responsible party accountable and get you compensated for your injuries and losses as well as pain and suffering. Know more...

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