I hear the question can I save my relationship all the time. It is unfortunate that people go through hard times, but it is a reality for countless of couples. It is hard to say just how a relationship can turn so sour. Maybe it is from lack of interest from one or both people; or maybe there is interest, but neither of you can seem to find the time for each other. Of course there are numerous things that could have allowed such a beautiful thing to turn so sour. Fortunately, no matter how bad it may appear to be to you, if you ask me can I save my relationship, I will smile and tell you absolutely.

Saving a relationship is not for the weak, uninitiated, or the lazy person. But if you are any of those things, then you probably already know why you are in this position. If this is you, then snap out of it! First of all, aside from the fact that your partner is worth effort, you are worth it too. Do something for yourself; this will go a long way for your relationship. I don't mean be selfish and do something indulgent, I mean go and exercise, get a shower and get cleaned up. Show your partner that you care about yourself, and you will have them start to care for you again too. You will have to begin here if you are to save your relationship if you have fallen into the lazy and uninitiated category.

If you are not a lazy person, and the relationship has fallen into despair, then you might want to do a double check on the amount of time you spend together. It is hard for anyone to feel close to someone when they never see them. A relationship is like a flower. It needs nurturing and care, love and attention. Talk to each other, and find the closeness that made you a couple in the first place. You can do it, as you are the active and energetic type, and this should be fairly easy for you to exert the effort your relationship needs. Just don't forget to make that time for each other. While all the yoga classes work, volunteering, and friends is great; don't fail the one thing that is the most important to you.

I guess in the simplest of terms, you need to ask yourself "can I save my relationship?". It is really up to you if the relationship is savable or not. There are plenty of resources to help those who are interested in helping themselves. We have many articles to help you; there are hundreds of books, programs, and other websites to help you. You are here reading this, so things are looking good that you will save your relationship, and make it into a richly rewarding one in the future.

Be well, love well, and be happy together.

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