Every individual is suffering from pain, the pain might be anything that affects an individual from the inside. And that pain develops in the form of depression which directly affects the human body, such as the brain, the heart, etc. These diseases are the most disabling diseases we face. Depression and heart diseases are widespread among the general population and simultaneously occur in the same human body. Depression is the most dangerous disease, the body can not resist doing wrong things like suicide.

At least one in ten of the population has depression and is struggling at some point in their life. Long-term depression has a more serious impact on physical health than an individual realizes. With analytics, we came to know that there is increasing data on depression suffering people are at higher risk of heart disease. To come out with this life-threatening disease there are several ways that could reduce the risk of heart disease. A temporary feeling of sadness is normal as an individual can get back to their normal routine activities. However, depression can prevent a human body from living a normal routine life. If a depressed mood stays for long like for 3 to 4 weeks then there is a need for treatment to cope and recover.

There could be several reasons for having depression which directly affects the heart. For instance, unmanaged stress can lead to high blood pressure, irregular heart rhythms, and a weak immune system. Depression patients have been shown to have increased platelet reactivity and decreased heart variability which are all risk factors for heart disease. Depression increases the risk of an adverse cardiac event that includes blood clots or heart attack. And if a patient does not have heart disease then it might be possible that depression can also increase the risk of heart disease. Some of the habits like lack of exercise, excessive consumption of alcohol, and smoking which is one of the habits that can affect the human body such as the heart and vascular system. Sometimes it is difficult to break the habit while depressed. So, to get rid of this depression and heart disease the individual should opt for a medical treatment that could help them to get on the right path.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Sankalp Sharma is a senior cardiologist who runs his own clinic under the name of SANKALP HEART CARE at sector 82 Mohali in collaboration with Bhor Diagnostic Center.