You can unlock over a hundred camos for your weapons in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The more you raise the level of your weapons, the more you will unlock camouflage to equip on them. To get more unlock camos, you can buy CoD MW camo boost.

It is a great way to show your style, but also your skills on the weapons you have in hand. Weapon skins can range from the most basic to the most epic, reserved for the most dedicated players.

The different types of camouflage

How to unlock camouflage?

The first 10 camos are unlockable by raising the level of your weapon. As soon as you get a skin, you will have the opportunity to unlock the different variants of it by completing a series of challenges that must be completed. Note that these objectives are the same from one weapon to another. Even the Riot Shield has the right to its small customization.

How to unlock epic camos?

There are so-called hidden camouflages in Modern Warfare: Gold, Platinum and Scholar. Here is the procedure to follow in order to unlock them, but be careful, only the most patient and dedicated can get them. It is not an easy task!

Camouflage Gold - complete all the camouflage challenges.
Platinum Camouflage - available when you have unlocked Gold Camouflage for all weapons in a class (assault rifle ...).
Scholar Camouflage - unlocked when each weapon in the game has achieved Platinum Camouflage.

To obtain the Scholar camouflage, it is highly recommended to use the double XP tokens available in Campaign mode to save a little time for validation of challenges and others.

Each year, many players and streamers race to be the first to unlock all the camouflage but we can expect with this new opus that it will be a little longer than usual. Good luck to those who stick to it.

Stay tuned for news to learn more about Modern Warfare!

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