The challenges are well known among business owners who hire local staff. When the staff leave the office and remain unaware, it can be challenging to find them.

It is even more difficult to find out if they even work on the job, their location and meets the customer site.

Field personnel managers would obviously like to keep the tasks up to date and to know whether the employees themselves need help.

Monitoring of GPS employees the biggest concern is that these workers take their jobs seriously, and that is not wasting time, where monitoring of field staff in India is taking place. You need an Employee call Location tracking system for your employees.

If your Field staff leaves office and is out of your sight, figuring out where they are and what they're doing at any time is always a challenge? Does the consumer site touch them? Has the job begun? Now, what is the task? What task did they accomplish? Or do they need any office assistance and support? A Field Staff Manager or an enterprise owner, you are concerned and worry if your employees perform the task assigned to you from the bureau or simply fool you around!

CloudConnect Call Location Tracking Services offer custom services for field staff, and Logistics, that are on the go. With Call Location Tracking you can keep track of your business users, customers, Sales, fleet and teams, easily, and effectively. What it does is it also displays location information which is Call Location graphical metadata and coordinates on the dynamic map, allowing you to have a visual of the location at any time, on your device. You can even track them in real-time.

CloudConnect Call Location Tracker works on your mobile so you can start real-time tracking, which makes it possible for you to monitor your team’s or your fleet’s movements no matter where they are. Keep pace with how your business and business workers move with a next-gen Call Location tracking system made for SMBs.

Move beyond GPS tracking applications.

GPS tracking applications can be limited, plus there is always the question of security of your data. Which could be highly sensitive in nature especially delivery, goods movement, live locations and other business-critical operations that rely heavily on a steady uninterrupted flow of communication.

• Track Location of the Sales/Customers/Users on one app

• Track location of Caller & Callee* using CloudConnect’s mobile app

• Track user location in real-time with Call Location Dashboard

Keep track of progress.

CloudConnect helps you take charge no matter where the sales fleet or field staff is, giving you much-needed access across locations and users. All this in a single easy-to-use CloudConnect Call Location-Tracking mobile app that ensures uninterrupted field staff tracking to their exact coordinates. No more lost minutes in the last mile. No more inconsistencies. The flexibility offered gives you the advantage of monitoring from your mobile, so you have access to CloudConnect’s Call Location Tracking system and you can get the information you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

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