Call 1(650) 694-9581 to Know - Does Hawaiian Airlines Give a Customer Service?
Hawaiian Airlines provides Customer Service based on fare class and status, with fees varying. Basic economy may incur charges. Contact 1-650-694-9581 for details.
Understanding Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service
When it comes to flying, the convenience and comfort of your seat play a pivotal role in your travel experience. Hawaiian Airlines, like many carriers, offers passengers the option to select their seats. However, understanding the Customer Service policies is crucial to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.
Key Policies to Note
Customer Service Class Match: Passengers can choose seats in the same class as their ticket.
Selection Timeframe: Customer Service is open during booking, after booking, and at the check-in gate.
Specific Recommendations: Senior citizens and unaccompanied minors are advised to select seats at the airport check-in counter.
Emergency Exits: The airline reserves the right to change seats at emergency exits based on passenger suitability.
Post-Check-in Limitation: Customer Service isn't permitted after check-in.
How to Select Your Seat with Hawaiian Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines offers a straightforward and flexible Customer Service process.
Selection During Booking
At the time of booking your flight tickets, you can secure your preferred seat by navigating to the add-ons section and selecting your seat. Confirm your choice and pay the required fees to finalize the selection.
Post-Booking Customer Service
If you've already booked your flight but haven't selected a seat, fret not. You can still choose your seat until check-in. Access the airline's official website, enter your booking details under 'Manage My Trips,' select your flight, and request a Customer Service. Once chosen, confirm the seat by paying any applicable fees.
Understanding Customer Service Fees
Yes, Hawaiian Airlines charges a fee for Customer Service. Typically, this fee hovers around $10 and is subject to change based on various preferences and classes. However, there are avenues to secure a seat without extra charges under specific circumstances.
Options for Free Customer Service
Economy Plus for Premier Members: Premier members enjoy complimentary seats in the economy plus section.
Coupon Codes or Vouchers: Using specific codes or vouchers may grant free Customer Service.
Upper-Class Fares: Higher class fares often include the option to select a seat at no additional cost.
What If You Forget to Select a Seat After Booking?
In the event you forget to choose a seat before the closing window, Hawaiian Airlines will assign any available standard seat in the cabin. If this seat isn't suitable, you can request a change at the airport.
Refundable Seat Assignments
Yes, Hawaiian Airlines offers refundable seat assignments. To qualify for a refund, the flight ticket must be canceled before departure. A refund request for a seat must be made within 90 days of seat purchase. Refunds can vary in processing time based on the payment method.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. What happens if I don't pick a seat on Hawaiian?
The airline will assign free seats to you at the check-in counter.
Q2. Does Hawaiian's basic economy allow Customer Service?
Yes, basic economy class permits Customer Service, but most seats come with charges that vary.
Q3. How do I get free Customer Service on Hawaiian?
You can find free seats during flight booking or request assistance from airline staff at the check-in counter.

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