Medbarrier is the company which promises to provide you ultimate protection with its surgical face mask and KN95 face mask manufactured under extreme hygienic conditions. The company fully takes care of the procedure used to manufacture these surgical face mask. As there are many types of surgical face masks present in the market. One should understand that a quality surgical face mask is a three layered surgical face mask, hence Medbarrier ensures that their surgical face masks are made of three layers and their KN95 face masks are made of five layers.

What makes a three layered surgical face mask better?

Well, as the name tells you, a three layered surgical face mask is made of three layers, and the common sense signifies that more the layers present in a surgical face mask better the protection it would provide you. Let’s dissect the surgical face mask and have a better understanding of it.

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Dissection of surgical face mask

The first and the last layer of the surgical face mask is made of spun bond fabric, this is present in almost every surgical face mask. This fabric is light in weight and breathable, hence makes it easy for you to breath, but this fabric doesn’t have the capability to filter germs. A two layered surgical face mask only has these two layers and this is the reason that a two layered surgical face mask doesn’t provide you with quality protection and hence not recommended.

The third layer does all the work

Whereas a three layered surgical face mask has a third layer present in them. This third layer is made of melt blown fabric which acts as a filtration layer. This layer does all the work and doesn’t let the germs to enter your nasal or oral cavity and make you sick. Melt blown layer is the actual super hero which fights with all the microbes. Make sure while buying the surgical face masks that “Melt blown layer present” is written on the box of surgical face masks.

The five layered KN95 face mask

For extreme protection, people prefer to wear KN95 face mask. This mask comprises of five layers, it has all the three layers as a three layered surgical face mask and along with that it has two more layers of hot air cotton. KN95 face masks are used by the people who come in contact with afflicted people, such as doctors, nurses and attendants who frequently have to visit places which are sensitive for the viral spread. KN95 face masks ensure your ultimate safety.

Medbarrier provides safety for everyone

Medbarrier face mask are available in many different colors and sizes. Now, you can wear a surgical face mask of the color which matches with your dress. Medbarrier has also introduced exclusive range of surgical face masks especially for kids. Now the parents don’t have to worry about their kid’s safety as earlier with an ill fitted surgical face mask. You can also order face mask online by visiting Medbarrier’s website and social media handles.

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