There are countless paths to success, but for those who start in the world of blue-collar labor, all of those paths involve times of hard work, high risk, and difficult lessons. Often, it takes decades to reach the point of change, but along the way, there is always a moment of realization and the hard decision to make an impossible change.

Begin With a Life of Hard Work

For Josh Pavey, it took more than a decade in the construction business. He gave this career his best effort, faithfully working his way up the ladder. Then reality hit. He looked ahead at his future aspirations, at people who had been walking his same path for twenty or thirty more years, and it struck him that the lives those people were living were not what he wanted for himself. He made the hard decision to change himself and his life.

Decide to Build Something New

“Discipline is so important when changing your life,” says Josh, “Saying no to the things deep down you don’t want to do and prioritizing what’s important.” As a first step, Josh began to network with people who were living the kind of lives he wanted for himself: a life of freedom, with time to spend with a family, and with the kind of financial health that brings new opportunities. Josh says a key lesson during this time was to “surround yourself with the people who have the same ambitions as you,” as it was from these people that he learned about e-commerce and business.

Plan For a Better Future

With the help of these new relationships, Josh learned enough about the e-commerce world to plot his course. “I knew this business model was the future, the way traditional sales were moving with shops closing down due to the internet. So, I thought, why be a buyer when you can be a seller?” He took to the e-commerce world readily. After ten years of hard work in a construction job, he wasn’t afraid of building things from scratch, be it a new business or his own better future.

Achieve, But Remember How it Began

Since then, Josh has built multiple e-commerce businesses that have generated revenue above seven figures. His network of professional contacts now includes some of the world’s top earners and entrepreneurs. His network also includes new entrepreneurs just starting out and risk-takers pulling themselves out of different lives just like he did. Josh has become a mentor, a teacher, and a leader to an expanding network of entrepreneurs who are learning the lessons that Josh has learned.

Reach For the Next Tomorrow

“We are growing rapidly,” Josh says, “And in the last two years, the value and knowledge implemented into our system has been incredible.” There’s always something new to build in Josh Pavey’s life now, whether it’s his expanding network of up-and-coming e-commerce leaders or helping one of them in their own future. Josh’s global network of ambitious learners, leaders, and future-builders is made possible by the lessons he learned early and the paths he’s paved, which are all part of the mentor he has become.

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