For a number of years, Elementary school children would walk to our orchard and take a guided tour through the fruit trees and the animal farm. Their tiny arms and hands would grasp for juicy apples and cherries to snack on while we walked around and showed them the wind machines, tractors, and ladders. Then they all got to peer into the chicken coop and see hens lay eggs. One little boy was absolutely beyond himself when he saw a green egg. With trained composure, he asked his school teacher, “May I keep this egg?”

The teacher explained the fact that eggs break easily. But, the child insisted he would be careful. He was truly intrigued and wanted to show his parents the egg when he got home. “Well, okay,” said the teacher after catching a positive nod from me, “however remember to keep the egg safe.” The child then started putting the egg into his pocket but the teacher quickly informed him the better method would be to carry it in his hand.

Why do I remember this particular scene? Because sure enough, at the end of the field day, the egg broke and while washing the gooey useless egg yolk and white off the child’s hand, I was impressed that the child was taking the mess pretty well.

Apparently, the destruction of the egg was by no means the destruction of life, truth and love. The kid was still fine. No one bantered, “I told you to be careful.” In fact, a feeling of sincere compassion zoomed around the lot of kids for about four seconds before they went on with life. Although the episode was quickly and easily swallowed, I wanted to digest the experience.

Through divine Science, I’ve learned to associate life, truth, and love with God. But all too often I can make the mistake of believing that what my physical senses come into contact with is affecting life, truth, and love. It isn’t. This mistake is an error and divine Science stresses the unreality of errors (hate, fear, sickness, danger, decline, stupidity, etc.)

If hate is feeling real, I stop taking care of the hate and find out how fragile it is while it breaks apart. Cleaning hate or anger off my hands I move on in life. If the error of fear is feeling real, it’s a little tougher, and requires an everyday practice of not preparing for the worst but preparing to actively participate in society and becoming involved in improving my community. If the error of sickness is bombarding me, instead of babying the error, I immerse my consciousness in wisdom and strength; the wisdom to reduce stress in my life and the strength to expect and be healed by Christ-spirit, Love.

The unreality of error is one of the most fascinating yet powerful aspects of divine Science that makes it stand out from other methods of advancement in health and purpose.

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