People from India are opening up in their attitude towards adult play toys and a majority of the audience cross section is pretty much comfortable regarding the sale and use of the same.

Quite a few stores have mushroomed and sell adult play toys, mostly plastic, some silicon.

Makes one wonder with so many advancements in technology, how come these toys have never received an upgrade?

And if such toys were to be invented, what would be the right audience to sell them to?

It was these ideas that Mr. Chavan had in mind when he was planning to set up And correspondingly, it took him atleast an year of research to figure out the feasibility of such hi tech devices for Indian markets.

During this time, Mr. Chavan came to realize that the number of people who would want to explore such toys is high, pretty much higher than one would otherwise presume.

WHAT MAKES TWINKLEKNIGHTS DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHER RANDOM WEBSITES WHICH SELL ADULT PLAY TOYS? has a unique take on adult play toys - a majority of products sold by this US based entity are technology enabled; something which other websites are not doing. Products from all over the world are evaluated to suit the India market, tested and then launched. Team Twinkleknights works dedicatedly towards assuring that each all of the products are 1. High quality 2.Comply with the safety standards, i.e. the products are, in most cases made of a high quality liquid silicone material, which ensures quality and durability as well.


Hi-tech products by TwinkleKnights use smartphone technology to communicate & control the toy. The app also trains and provides feedback on the users’ sexual wellness.

‘Higher sexual wellness & awareness can be achieved by use of technology in Adult products’ says Mr. Chavan. ‘For example, our newest product “ProFitMe” is a prostate massager for men. As we all know men have to be aware & careful of their Prostate gland in the late 40s to avoid impotency & cancerous issues. Our prostate massager ensures a much improved overall health for men. It also trains the user on how to take intimacy to new levels at this age!’


Just as for men, the website has listed some hi Tech sensuality products for women on its catalogue.

Kegel Balls, in a very generic way is a set of two balls attached to each other. It’s a product used to tighten up the pelvic floor muscles, so a lady is required to push each of the balls up her vagina, one by one and let these stay.

Twinkleknights has come up with a concept which nicely integrates technology with kegel balls. The V tight Kegel balls come with an app for your smartphone and communicate with the app via blutooth.

So the app would come to know when you body achieves a certain stage with an exercise, the Kegel Balls then automatically move on to the next level of operation.

One of the other innovative products is for men and is a real crafty one. This integrates VR (virtual reality) on smart phones with a custom designed bracelet which provides feedback to the VR app. The intent of this kit (bracelet, VR goggles, app) is to provide the user with a interactive VR pleasuring experience. The content that comes with the app is packaged for grown-up viewing & more is available to purchase and enjoy.

In a short few months, has come across as a brand which makes dedicated efforts to ensure consumer satisfaction. And luckily, as Mr. Chavan expresses, the benefits too have started coming. The business is based out of the US and is focusing on the growing sensual needs of Indian shoppers!


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