We are running a 5K to bring awareness to child abuse.

We are doing a fund raiser to bring awareness to cancer.

We are holding a raffle to bring awareness to domestic violence.

The list goes on and on.

Do you really need to become aware that child abuse or domestic violence is a horrific, unacceptable act?

Do you really need to become aware that cancer is a problem?

Awareness is not needed. Everyone is aware of these and other types of problems. The media floods the airways 24 hours a day with such stories, all presented in graphic detail. Awareness is not needed.

Action is.

Don’t tell me you are running a marathon to bring awareness for cancer. Tell me you are changing your diet by reducing sugar and eliminating GMO foods. You and your family deserve better (even if the president who just signed the Monsanto Protection Act thinks otherwise).

Don’t tell me you are against domestic violence. Tell you how you are living a peaceful life, setting an example for others.

Don’t tell me you are upset about the freedoms taken away in Tibet. Tell me how you are protecting your freedoms where you live. Tell me how you are standing up.

Don’t tell.

Don’t bring awareness.


Simply do.

Author's Bio: 

David Orman is the creator of TheOrdinaryBuddha.wordpress.com