Breast cancer can be a devastating disease that can affect not only the women who have it, but also their families and loved ones. I have seen a lot of the emotional turmoil that families can be thrown into when somebody in the family is diagnosed with breast cancer or any other type of cancer.

The question is this: Is there any way that women can protect themselves and give their bodies a fighting chance against the disease? The answer is unequivocally, yes! Here are three ways in which molecularly distilled omega 3 supplement can help:

1. Fish oil decreases estradiol levels. For the last 20 years, study after study has shown that the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, found in deep ocean fish and fish oil supplements can decrease the amount of estradiol in a woman's blood and therefore stop the creation of cancer cells. One study, done at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle, and which followed more than 35.000 women who did not have breast cancer, found that those women who took fish oil supplements regularly had a 32% lower risk of developing breast cancer.

2. Genetics. Another study, done by the University of California at San Francisco, showed unequivocally that fish-based fatty acid supplementation can help alter the expression of the COX-2 gene, a gene which, in some people, leads to excessive inflammation and an increased cancer risk.

3. Inflammation. High levels of inflammation have a negative effect on the immune system. Omega-3 fatty acids decrease the inflammation and strengthen the body's defenses.

It has become obvious over the years that omega 3 fatty acid supplements should be an essential part of the human diet. I believe that the best, most effective and cheapest way to get the benefits of polyunsaturated fatty acids is to take a high-grade, pure, molecularly distilled DHA/EPA oil in capsule form, every single day. It is by far the easiest way to achieve all of the benefits mentioned above, with a small monthly investment, safely and quickly.

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