In a world of fast cars, fast computers and fast lives, it is difficult to maintain a balance in your life. Emotions and negative thoughts can cause a complete breakdown in self confidence and personal behavior.
Often these are times when everything breaks down. A breakdown can result in loss of job, spouse /wife, conflicts with children or just plain breakdown in performance. These crises' times are very challenging to get through and everyone needs a little help to get back on track.
This breakdown can occur at a time in someone’s life when there are new avenues opening. However, before the new experiences can come through, the old must go. This can bring to the surface a lot of fear and resistance. Sometimes there are so many fears that occur that the process of a new world coming seems impossible.
These symptoms at times are so severe that you seek medical help to in order to cope with the changing moods. One can never be sure what results will be as you seek out medical assistance. Therefore you may ask, is there a different way to cope with these awful moments, days, weeks or months in which you seem to flounder and lose your common sense. Along with the medical assistance there are processes that can surely assist. The following is one of these guided processes.
The first step is to accept the fact that you are in a Breakdown from the way things were.

Think About:
How do you accept the unacceptable?
How do you accept changes that may threaten your security or relationships?
How do you accept the hurt and pain when people and life are disappointing?.
How do you get past the darkness and emotional fear?

Say affirmations such as:
I accept that I am in a changing cycle
I accept that I am clearing away the old.
I know I will be guided to the right opportunities.
I know that I am in my place for my personal growth.
I release all the fear that blocks me.
I release all the negative energy that keeps me in pain.
I release all the thoughts, feelings and actions that hurt others and myself.
I release all the judgments that I have about being wrong or wronged.
I release all the judgments that others hold against me.
I release all the pain, anger and rage of being stuck and stagnant.
I forgive the thoughts and feelings that have hurt others and myself.
I forgive the actions that caused me to be in pain.
I forgive the negative conditions that hold me in a resistant place.
I forgive others and myself.
I am forgiven for my part in all the situations that appear scary and wrong.

Meditation is a positive way to clear your mind, body and soul.
Go into meditation, take time to become quiet and silent. This time in your life may be the way your higher self is reaching you to become better and more of what you need to express.
In your meditation, listen to some soothing music and just block out all the thoughts that have plagued you. Breathe very deep and let go of feeling of the heaviness in your head, neck, shoulders and chest. Think of White Light coming down from your center of light within your own soul body. Observe that the energy of this White Light is breaking up the negative thoughts and clearing out the excuses and judgments that are within your thinking process.
Just think light. White Light is moving in and through all of my head and clearing the thoughts within my right brain and now into the left brain. Observe White Light clearing out all the old stuff. Mentally and emotionally accept that all the negative thoughts are being released into the light.
After your meditation take a walk or do something that you love to do.

After sessions of meditation you may experience a difference in yourself. It may take several sessions to experience the change. It will happen. You will go through many processes of clearing and rethinking the whole part of this time in your life. You can not expect a quick fix. You cannot expect that everything will just become right in a New York Minute. But you will gradually come out of this funk, and you will see light at the end of the tunnel.

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Antoinette Moltzan is an internationally known author. Traveling extensively, she brings a spiritual healing and insight helping the many students and friends of A Course in Light. Many people are touched by the personal sessions and workshops presented by Toni. Recently she returned from Taiwan where her book Open to Light was released in the Chinese Version. Also, A Course in Light has been translated and has many students that study the A Course in Light.

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