Bradley Kabbash says we all know the writing rules: strong grammar, clear structure, and avoiding clichés. But what if there were ways to push beyond the ordinary and unlock a new dimension in your writing? Let's explore some revolutionary techniques that will transform your prose from good to groundbreaking.

Sensory Immersion: 

Traditionally, we describe scenes visually. But what about taste, touch, and smell?  Imagine a character biting into a forbidden fruit. Describe the explosion of tartness on their tongue, the sticky juice running down their chin. Suddenly, the reader isn't just seeing, they're experiencing.

Non-Linear Storytelling:  

Ditch the chronological narrative. Jump through time, weave flashbacks into the present, or start at the end and work backward. This disrupts reader expectations and creates a puzzle they're eager to solve.  Just remember to provide enough context so they don't get lost.

Unreliable Narration:  

Bradley Kabbash suggests letting your narrator be fallible. Maybe they're biased, delusional, or simply holding back a secret. This creates a sense of mystery and compels readers to question everything they're told. Just be sure to offer clues so they can piece together the truth.

Experimental Form:  

Who says a story needs chapters and paragraphs? Experiment with the form! Write a story entirely in dialogue, or create a narrative tapestry using fragmented sentences and imagery. This can be particularly impactful for portraying chaotic situations or internal struggles.

Interactive Storytelling:  

Incorporate elements that allow the reader to participate. Offer branching choices that alter the narrative or leave endings open to interpretation. This creates a unique reading experience and fosters a deeper connection between the reader and the story.

Embrace the Challenge:  

These techniques can be daunting at first. Start small. Maybe try a sensory description in your next scene, or write a short story with a non-linear twist.

These are tools, not rigid rules. The key is to experiment, have fun, and find ways to make your writing truly unique.  Don't be afraid to break the mold and unleash the revolutionary writer within!

Bradley Kabbash explains that by embracing these unconventional approaches, you'll improve your writing and discover a whole new way to engage your readers and leave a lasting impression. So, step outside your comfort zone and get ready to rewrite the rules!

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