Brazilian Virgin Hair Bundle is the ultimate in high-end Hair extension, without the need for a strong adhesive. Made from human hair from Brazil, these additions are known for their versatility and luxurious appearance. For many advantages, the popularity of Brazilian Virgin Hair is increasing day by day.

The Brazilian braids start with a braiding of the natural hair. The hair is braided, so as to form tracks on which the extensions will be fixed. The cheap bits are then attached using a needle and wire. The locks are literally sewn on the tracks. A layer of natural hair is usually left on the front, sides and back to give the impression that no extensions are worn. This method requires, however, that the additions purchased be applied by a professional, because it is a very technical application and rather difficult to achieve for a novice.

Brazilian Virgin Hair BundlesHair Bundles are mainly used by people with thicker hair because the way they are applied requires more hair. In general, the weaving application is a very long process (usually several hours). The locks are applied very tightly, which often puts pressure on the scalp and, therefore, can lead to pain, as well as headaches.
This classic technique is incompatible with fine hair. In order to allow these people to benefit from natural hair, hairdressers have developed an alternative technique. The basic technique is the same, but this variant uses a hair net. This one is applied on the hair and the extensions are sewn there. Since the locks are sewn on the net, instead of the hair, this technique respects the integrity of natural hair and can be used on fragile hair.
The recommended duration is 6-8 weeks, especially if you want to grow your own hair. The maximum duration of a weaving is 4 months. Beyond this period, there is a risk that it affects the real hair. In any case, it is advisable to always ask the opinion of the hairdresser who applies the hair. With a sewn weave, it is possible to change the length, volume, colour and texture of his hair with a minimum of maintenance. It is suitable for any hair texture and is very affordable in price.
Celebrities use Brazilian Brazilian Virgin Hair Bundle to obtain long and luxurious manes that are envied by all.

Brazilian Virgin Hair has gained popularity in salons around the world because of the many benefits it brings.
One of the most obvious advantages of this type of natural Brazilian Virgin Hair takes only about four hours for laying. This is very good news for women who like to change their look. Brazilian Virgin Hair bundles are available in different colours, so the user does not have to dye his hair with harsh chemicals. The change is immediate and the results can last more than three months. No need to change additions to have a completely new style. Brazilian Virgin Hair can be styled in many ways. In addition, there is no need to worry about heat damage, chemicals or hairdressing tools.

Women with short hair may not want to wait months or even years for their hair to develop. Similarly, some women may have received a shorter haircut than they wanted. In these cases, a curly hair is an ideal solution. These women will be able to get length without having to wait for their natural hair to grow. A natural hair comes in lengths up to 76 centimetres, so all women can get the hair length they want, instantly. There is no limit to the styles one can experience: bold or jazzy colours, super short or super long hairstyles; Well, we can try anything we want.

After years of colouring, curling and styling, the hair can become weak and damaged. A natural hair can help protect natural hair. Braiding means that only the locks will be abused by heating tools and hair products. Natural hair can take the time to rest and regain their health. Some women even find that when their hair is damaged to the point of breaking, a hair can help them regain some of their hair strength.

What are Remy and None-Remy

The word "Remy" means that the hair has all its cuticles intact and healthy. Similarly, all the cuticles are aligned in the same direction. Generally, the hair is of "Remy" quality when taken directly from the donor's head and cut into a ponytail, so that none of the hair falls on the ground. In the opinion of professionals, real "Remy" hair lasts a long time, can be reused several times, and can be coloured or curly to heat like natural hair. Their price is however rather high. Non-Remy hair is very popular, because of its very affordable price. This hair has mixed roots and tips so that all hairs do not run in the same direction. This type of hair is shaved cuticles or sometimes hair ends. This reduces the possibility of friction between the locks of hair and, as such, allows the hair to remain untangled.

These hairs are all the same length and have been chemically treated. Some suppliers use a silicone coating to try to hide problems such as the loss of gloss that occurs during the chemical treatment, but the silicone is leached by successive washings and the purchased hair will return to its original state. In the opinion of experts, non-Remy hair is also very difficult to comb.

Stylish hair can give you a new attractive look. It can improve A Woman's Self Esteem. Today, Brazilian Virgin Hair Bundles not for only Celebrities. Anyone can use for its acceptable price.

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