I've known Brad since childhood. He has always been fine young athletic looking man.

However as he got into his twenties, he suddenly started putting on weight. I knew had a slightly sweet tooth, but his sudden weight gain came as a surprise to many.

He started working out to keep his weight in check, but nevertheless had a chubby disposition.

I met him the other day, and was surprised to know that he now had diabetes, and was taking prescription medications for the same. Now this rang alarm bells somewhere in my mind. Having diabetes is always tricky business.

Diabetes could be kept in check, but one has to make efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle, stick to a healthy diet, and also get some regular exercise. And along with that, one also has to keep a check on consumption of sweets.

When one has diabetes, one would want to make sure that he takes due precaution, and diabetes is definitely not something would want to take easy.

Let's get back to Brad.

On coming to realize that Brad had diabetes, I asked him if he had bought about any changes in his life. Brad, somehow sincerely believed that simply going for prescription medication would do the trick.

Now when one has diabetes, keeping a check on one's sugar consumption can make a difference. And that's because when one is suffering from diabetes, the body is not able make proper use of sugar in the bloodstream. This could lead to some complications at times. This could affect the eyes and vision, kidneys, wounds sometimes take longer to heal, and even sensory functionalities are affected.

Still, we find a greater number of us suffering from diabetes, by the day.

And that's mainly because we get more sugar in our diets. We go for ice creams, sodas, maybe fruit juices, and desserts. And sugar forms an indispensable part of our many cups of tea and coffee that we have all through the day.

I told Brad, that he must try out going for a diet sugar instead of the regular sugar that we have, and that might bring about a transformation in his life.

The secret behind SVIT'EN low cal diet sugar is Stevia, which is a natural sweetener. And when one goes for the SVIT'EN low cal diet sugar, one ingests less than 10% of calories that sugar provides.

The product is sure to work very well if one is a diabetic.

Stevia is a plant native to Paraguay. And it has been used for centuries by the indigenous people of Paraguay to sweeten their yerba mate teas. But there are some facts about nutritive value of Stevia that not many of us are aware of.

Stevia leaf could be as much as 300 times sweeter than sugar. And the best part is that Stevia has zero calories. And that works magic for someone who is a diabetic.

So one could enjoy one's favorite dishes, and simply give into the sweet tooth, without having to worry about diabetes.

And Stevia really works very well for one's health. If one goes for Stevia around twenty minutes before one's meals, it works very effectively to curb one's appetite. This is because Stevia is high on minerals, vitamins and nutritive substances like trace minerals. The body stays supple, and the tendency to splurge on sugar automatically reduces.

So with Stevia, one is able to support a healthier lifestyle. Stevia aids in healing of wounds, allows one get over gum infection. It's a healthy alternative to sugar! And did you know that 40% sweetener market in Japan is based on Stevia.

Go for the SVITEN LOW CAL DIET SUGAR. This has less than 10% of calories that sugar provides. So it works very well to promote a healthier lifestyle, and is an absolute must if one is suffering from diabetes.



Go for SVITEN LOW CAL DIET SUGAR, and have it shipped right to your home. You'll forget you ever had diabetes!

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