As a response to the growing UK aesthetic market and constant craving for qualified aesthetic tutoring programs, The Harley Street Institute formed for this sole purpose is undertaking the training program which guides medical and health care professionals through all qualified learning and supportive processes. These courses are simply designed to equip practitioners with the best medical knowledge and confidence to practice them without fear when trying out new practices either as starters or simply adding to an existing medical setup.

The Botulinum toxin injection also called Botox is becoming a very popular injection for rejuvenating the aging face and also reducing wrinkles caused by aging. The benefits of using Botox compared to other cosmetic procedures is that, the effects are only temporary and requires no recovering time which makes them not as complicated as other cosmetic procedures.

Harley Street Institution Botox Training program is aimed at equipping
• Surgeons and Trainee surgeons
• Doctors / GPs
• Dentists
• Registered Nurses
• Dermatologists / Plastic Surgeons or other certified practitioners in the medical or health care field with the knowledge and confidence to practice them.

Training guide:
The program covers all the practical guides from Consultation and Assessment through Injection Techniques, Storage, Usage, Contraindications, Marketing Guidelines, Techniques to balance facial features, Price Structuring, Combine Treatment, Meeting Client’s Expectations and How to effectively market the Botox injection.

Why this program?
Today, it’s no longer hidden that a lot of celebrities and or famous individuals want to be forever young. They fear aging and of course, they undergo numerous surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments to make this happen. Botox is one of such likes but with numerous benefits and less of stress. While it’s very important that health care givers or professionals stress on the necessity of maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise for a healthy living to their clients and or patients, these may not just hold aging down for too long and of course, Botox still remain the best choice should there be a need for a non-surgical aesthetic facial treatment to reduce wrinkles and appearance of lines in the face.

Many famous celebrities have already confirmed openly that they use botox to defy aging and of course, they are proud of their results. Yet, to many others they aren’t comfortable yet with such treatments and still want to know more about its effectiveness, if there are side effects and what results await them.
Botox training program at Harley Street is aimed solely at equipping medical practitioners with all information, practical knowledge, usage procedures and follow-up measure to achieving the most desirable results.
These programs also make available handouts and other supportive materials to ease your study and practice, exposing the different requirements to running your aesthetic business successfully.

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Michael Lily, freelance writer.
Harley street institute.