I was at the bookstore the other day, and I noticed two kids running around playing some kind of game while their father shopped for bargain books. I couldn't quite figure out the rules of the particular game the little girls were playing. I soon realized that it was a game of their own invention. It reminded me of the time when we were kids, and my brother and I would invent games for ourselves when we were bored. At the grocery store, for example, the tiles were mostly white with a few islands of color tiles. So our game was "stay off the water." Meaning we had to only walk on color tiles.

The game those little girls were playing made me realize that perhaps we are all hardwired to be creative at birth. When we were kids, we all made up songs and games for ourselves. As we started to grow up, however, games were imposed onto us; these games came with pre-existing rules. Soon, we forgot how to invent our own games, and stopped playing games altogether. As such, we also became less, and less creative.

We were all born with creative abilities. Saying you don't have any creativity is like saying you don't know how to breathe. Those creative skills are still inside each and every single one of us. I do not believe any person is any less or more creative than another person. I do believe, however, that some of us have more practice at it than others. Some of us are able to find creativity in little everyday things everyday. While others tell themselves that they don't have time to be creative, or that they aren't creative at all. For me, being creative is like riding a bike. You never forget it. All you have to do is hop back on, and go for a ride.

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