Nowadays people are looking at technology and increasing influence of social media on the youth as a negative thing. But every coin has two facets. What if I tell you that technology can help you increase your productivity? Yes, you read that right. In today’s post, we will talk about the top 5 best productivity apps that will help you increase your productivity to many folds.

So, if you are easily distracted by Facebook, YouTube, or any other thing in general then this is the post that you need to read. So, without any further ado let’s get started!


There are thousands of to-do list apps that just don’t work. Wunderlist is not one of them. I personally use this app to create a daily schedule of my tasks. The best thing that I love about this app is its sleek user interface. With Wunderlist you can share your to-do list with your friends or colleagues and can work collaboratively on your tasks. You will be notified about your next task through push notifications. An app that you must try!


This one is my favorite! Forest app helps you stop phubbing in a really creative way. So, all you have to do is set a timer and start working on your task. If at the end of the timer you haven’t touched your phone, attended a call or messaged anyone then you successfully grow a tree. If you fail to do so your tree dies. The goal is to build a huge forest. This helps you see how productive you have been in the last few days. By growing forest, you earn VirtualCoins. You can spend these coins to make the Forest Team plant a real tree.


Do you have a problem remembering your passwords for different websites? If yes, then LastPass is going to help you. LastPass automatically remembers all of your passwords and auto-fills them in the login area whenever you visit a site. It not only remembers different passwords it even suggests you strong passwords while signing up on a new website. If you allow, the app can even remember your debit card, credit card details so that you don’t have to type the info again and again.


This app is really great for students who find it hard to remember stories or historical events. Mindly lets you create mind maps. Mind Map is nothing but a map of your ideas. You can connect two ideas, create a new idea and create a map like structure which makes it really easy for you to remember things. It provides you with a pictorial representation of your ideas.


This app makes it really easy for you to manage your social media accounts all at once. You can schedule your posts, see how they perform, analyze how the audience is engaging with your posts etc. all at one place. It even tells you the time when your audience is most active on their social media accounts so that you get the most engagements. Really a one stop solution for all your social media management.

So, that’s it for this post! I hope you liked it. Stay tuned for more. Thanks for reading.

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