Online calendars and calendar plugins for CRMs are gaining popularity among businesses. One of the biggest reasons for their popularity is their ability to boost productivity. Plugins like Dynamics 365 Calendar are a major help when managing deadlines effectively!

If you're a manager and need help organizing your schedule, this article is for you! Learn why a calendar plugin for Dynamics CRM is the perfect tool for sorting out your agendas. Also, see features that help you enhance productivity.

5 Things You Can Do with Dynamics 365 Calendar to Boost Productivity

Below are five things you can do using the calendar plugin to improve your work and time management! Additionally, you will increase productivity, helping you easily get more things done.

=> Book appointments

If you or your team deal with considerable 1:1 calls with clients daily and need a proper system for booking appointments, you must have a calendar plugin! It will allow visitors to choose appropriate slots and set appointments on their own.

This easy, self-service appointment-setting system eliminates the need to hire and pay a professional separately. In simpler words, with the Dynamics 365 Calendar, you can do everything yourself.

=> Access the calendar remotely!

Your CRM Calendar has everything you need, and you can access it from any location! Won’t having your work schedule readily available at all times make things simpler? Whether you are at home or enjoying a vacation on another continent, you only need an internet connection to access your calendar.

Furthermore, installing the calendar plugin in your CRM allows you to easily add, edit, or delete calendar items while performing uninterrupted functions.

=> Sync multiple calendars

Dynamics 365 Calendar offers a two-way sync facility with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. In short, this feature lets you track all your appointments!

Whether an appointment was booked on Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, you can see it on Calendar 365 for Dynamics CRM. Furthermore, the calendar helps you avoid missed appointments and double bookings.

=> Set up team meetings easily!

With Calendar 365 for Dynamics, you can set up team meetings without all the back-and-forth. You can also conveniently see the available meeting slots that work for all the selected team members using the group events features.

Put simply, the calendar shows only the time slots when all the team members are available and have no prior meetings scheduled.

=> Manage everything in one place

Managing all tasks or work hours manually or simply through spreadsheets is difficult. That is why calendar plugins for CRM include all the features you need to manage things better.

CRM users can add their working hours and tasks, mark them as activities, and more. Simply put, you can manage all the activities on the calendar with just a few clicks.

Dynamics 365 Calendar Features that Boost Productivity

If you're wondering what else Calendar 365 for Dynamics CRM can do to boost your productivity, well, here is what you are looking for:

=> Smart filters

You can filter activities based on their status—open, completed, pending, in progress, etc.—to get a better overview of all the tasks.

=> Layout customization

You can customize and configure the calendar layouts that best suit your needs, boosting productivity and providing clear data visualization.

=> Color code entities
You can color-code all the CRM entities to create a filtered view per your requirements.
Manage Activities and Boost Productivity with Dynamics 365 Calendar

If you are a manager, team leader, or someone who has to deal with appointment setting, assigning tasks, managing follow-up, etc., Calendar 365 is for you!

Why burden yourself with the hassles of entering appointment details manually and dealing with all the back-and-forth?

So, to make things easy, simply integrate the advanced calendar in your Dynamics CRM and maintain tasks, events, appointments, etc., on a single system!

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