Click-to-Call refers to the ability to click and dial a phone number you see online.

In many places of the website, you'll see click-to-call options, including pay-per-click ads, map directories, client pages, and forums.

Click-to-call makes it easy for clients to contact you by avoiding the step of copying and pasting or attempting to memorize the phone number. The link to your team with one simple tap.

In late September, Google released the results of a study undertaken with 3,000 mobile searchers that attempted to quantify the role Click to Call played in the purchase process. The results certainly aren’t shocking but do paint a good picture of how important the feature is to your business’ success on the mobile web.

On the business side, calls from individual projects can be diverted to specific departments, making life easier and more efficient for your internal team. You should stop moving prospects around the office and instead they will meet the team that will be able to help them immediately. Let's dig at the Click-to-Call basics.

Fast. Feasible. Friendly.
Click2Call is a solution that amplifies the probability of a visitor contacting your business with a highly dynamic Click2Call button on the website.
Click2Call is a solution that makes the website, CRM or application more interactive.
CloudConnect enables us to connect with customers using a single click.
Click2Call offers the ability to instantly convert Internet-based visitors into potential customers.

Concept of Click2call:

Many companies operate online nowadays. this doesn’t mean they still can’t physically speak with their customers. You give clients a more humane approach to contacting you online by using a click2call Button. You can speak to them directly instead of email or video chat. Sometimes, when someone is talking to a representative, they search for a telephone number from the website of the organization. Calling service is now easier than ever by using click2talk.

Click2Call Benefits:

Improves Productivity- Less work for agents. It improves the agent’s productivity and efficiency.
Never Miss Opportunity- Never miss the opportunity when they need you the most.
No Charges- You give customers a way to connect with you without any charges in real-time.
Web-Based Platform- No need of any plugins. Complete web-based platform.
Improves Productivity- Less work for agents. It improves the agent’s productivity and efficiency.
Never Miss Opportunity- Never miss the opportunity when they need you the most.


Integration on Website (using Script)
CloudConnect to provide Click to Call feature on enterprise website which will initiate the call right there from the website itself.

Integration on App (using API)
Click to Call feature when integrated with the app originates Call using CloudConnect app instead of their native dialer.
Integration in CRM (using SDK)

Click to Call feature when integrated enables to Calls directly from CRM and connect instantly.

CloudConnect will provide the API wrap for all the above services which can be integrated with the services.

Click to Call will make it easy for customers to directly connect by simply tapping on the call button in the app/website/CRM. The entire process is a seamless blend of feature-rich & optimal customer experiences.

Web calling, also known as click-to-call, lets your customers call you from within your website. Instantly. No need for a phone, or to key in a number. Just click a button and start a call!

Web calling has many other advantages, which differ accordingly to your business. Yet web calling reduces obstacles to telephone calls and is generally the best way to call tourists.

All these things should be linked to your website. Everyone has a different effect. The key point here is that you must still iterate and try new strategies. Set a monthly call volume benchmark, introduce new technology and assess its performance.


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