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DHA a fish oil supplement which aids the eye retina, Nordic naturals are time tested. 1 teaspoon daily with food.

HORSETAIL – contains Silica, the most important key mineral for bones. Research studies done on benefits on women with osteoporosis and improvement in bone density. Horsetail regenerates bone faster and increase the speed that bones heal dramatically. Dosage: 800mg 3X daily = 2400mg.

NATTO – The ultimate bone-building superfood. A fermented soybean product. Can purchase in powder form which is easier. Contains vitamin K1 and K2 which is proven to help rebuild bone and protect against heart disease. Take 1T four times daily for building bones and repairing fractures.

PAPAYA – Orange papaya has the largest amount of Beta-Cryptoxanthin a carotenoid studied and proven to help with bone density. Enzymes in papaya are great for digestive issues, improve assimilation of nutrients and improving absorption of proteins to build muscle. Eat papaya separately from meals or 10 minutes before a protein meal to boost digestive fire.

SWISS CHARD – High in magnesium and carotenoids, red chard doubles the carotenoid. Also helps to regenerate the pancreas aiding the reversal of diabetes. Vitamin K1. Has higher than average calcium and minerals, chard helps in the bone-building/fracture repair.

CUCUMBER – The most alkaline and silica-rich vegetable of all. Silica, magnesium and calcium the most important minerals for building bone. Eat 1 daily.

SALADS – Watercress and Swiss chard top choices for reversing bone loss, very alkaline and prevents the leaching of calcium from bones. They contain an abundance of calcium and magnesium. Top with black sesame seeds which as more than 5X more calcium than milk. Eat at least salad daily!!


DO WEIGHT BEARING EXERCISE – Tai Chi and Qigong excellent weight bearing exercise routines. Do 30 minutes of exercise daily – Qigong, Tai Chi or Yoga.

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Sandy Rodgers – Reverend, Author, Radio Personality, Film Producer, Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner, Master Gardener, Energy Practitioner and Certified Raw/ Plant Based Food Educator is forever growing and expanding. She invite others to join her in living their Authentic Self, whatever that is for that person. Be True to Self is her motto.
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