By Coach Stephanie Wood, PPC, Your Body Image Expert

Studies indicate that meditation reduces many physical and mental discomforts. However, there are no claims that meditation cures a self-esteem issue that appears every time you look into a mirror, or compare your appearance to someone else’s, or gaze fondly at a picture of yourself at the top of your game ,10, 20, or 30 years ago. No doubt, for those of us who can still our minds long enough to get out of them, meditation has its benefits: like lowering blood pressure, increasing focus and therefore productivity, and even making you 10% happier as the ABC anchorman Dan Harris explains in his book of the same name

Meditation releases the material world as you contact the spiritual one. Once your meditation ends, you return to the material world and its effect on you and your body. Meditation is designed to get you OUT of your body, not INTO your body to discover her secrets.

To communicate with your body, your willingness to listen to her is paramount. If you are confused or in denial, resentful or angry about this requirement to improve your body image; it’s never too late to acquire the Body Knowledge that makes it possible. Of to put it another wayKnowledge of Your Body is not a one-way street. For real knowledge of your body, you must establish lines of communication in both directions. (You always learn more by listening than you do by lecturing.)

The next time you feel out of sorts after seeing yourself in the mirror, and feel like turning your back on your relationships, your job, your life, want to run away to Vegas and blow your 401k on one roll of the dice, take a moment or two and talk to your body.


Move your body---any kind of motion will do for a start---wiggle your toes, shrug your shoulders and roll your head, get up and skip around the room. It’s not the quantity or quality of the movement, it’s the energy that opens the lines of communication with your body.

Ideally, every time you see your reflection should bring a smile to your face. If/when it doesn’t the solution is right there INSIDE of you.(link : See Annie Lennox lead the way.

When something in your life feels off, your body may be communicating with you in the only way she knows how: physically. It’s a gentle tap on your shoulder for some attention to something you’ve been overlooking, missing or simply unaware of---until you ask your body for the source of the disturbance to your otherwise healthy, happy life.

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