I Have always found its Distinctive Taste profile a Floral mélange with dull fruit notes -- somewhat underwhelming. But boutique grade samples of this Strain have stimulating physical and mental effects, which produce Blue Dream's comparative lack from dispensary shelves type of a nightmare. I was delighted to find the masterful extractors at Best Tier had created a yummy tribute to the prior preferred; a golden cherry shatter has perfect hard candy equilibrium.

Blue Dream Shatter Wax

The effectiveness is about the lower end to Top Tier, together with THC levels that Crest just over 71 percent. However, in my experience, the non70s are in which you start to feel that the ability of critical targets. So while the consequences are not as thunderous and instantaneous as some of the other offerings, it is no slouch at the cannabinoid section.

Taking a little sample, dab shows a slightly polished and polished Variant of a traditional Blue Dream wax tear off. The taste remains dominated by floral perfume and not completely for my liking, however eloquent at the lungs and nice enough to the palate.

A more aggressive strategy -- twisting a two-inch ribbon And divides it into a heated stone " "banger" -- exposes a more slender, more decadent cocktail of herby terps that mute the blossom petal character. It is not a complete departure from the conventional Blue Fantasy taste profile; however, it is a welcome remix that is as different as the first.


Blue Dream is a characteristic pressure on the site in many instances because it is surely a strain we cannot get off. The pressure keeps popping up into several distinct types, and now it took the kind of Wax. I had never attempted Blue Fantasy wax, just the stink and blossom models, so I had been anticipating this one! The Blue Fantasy strain is about a half and half mixture of those Blueberry and Haze strains.


Most concentrates seem to strike each individual a little differently. I usually find that centers' consequences are essentially the same as their blossom counterparts but pack a hell load of THC or CBD. As an example, the For flower edition of Pre '98'98 Bubba Kush comprises around 0.2% -- 0.4% CBD, whereas the concentrate version can sometimes pack up to 40 percent CBD. Since Blue Dream is a Sativa superior strain, I anticipated a nice, minute head from the dab, and boy was I right!

Along with intense euphoria. After the initial 15 seconds or so pass, the Effects require a more comfy and relaxed setting that lasted throughout the day.

On the Nail:

When it hits the nail, then there is no going back -- you're at the Blue Dream. The ideal wax consistency meant no pools left over the nail while at milder temperatures -- supplying sterile smooth strikes.


This Wax was considerably darker than previous forms I had tried research same as strain review 2021, but it had a beautiful smell and was easy to have fun with due to its slightly sticky nature. I tend to favor Wax this manner as it's a lot easier to manage than crumbly Wax. The Wax was also extremely compact, becoming an ideal choice for those who like little, big hitters.

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Blue Fantasy excels in every area, and the Wax is just a more powerful Impact of these Blue Dream flowers, which most of us love. The Health Care Consequences Are fantastic for those suffering from depression, and it is the ideal morning Strain for all those looking to begin the day together with euphoria and motivation.

Final Thoughts:

Wax isn't usually understand for giving away intense aromas, but you will find some exceptions out there, and Blue Dream wax is one of them. There's a pleasant sweet berry aroma that raises when the Wax has been broken apart and leaves you drooling. Blue Dream is a strain ideal for people who prefer low-temperature dabs because the blueberry and haze roots of this Strain unite to make a mouthwatering taste that could be mistaken for sweet fruit.

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