There is one very simple and powerful method to attract hundreds more visitors to your site daily and that is having your own blog. If you are not doing this then you are missing out on at least doubling the visitors to your site. Remember more traffic, means more leads which means more business.

Having your own blog is the easiest thing to do. So many people aren't doing it so you'll put yourself light years ahead of the competition if you do it. A blog should be the heartbeat of your online business.

Why is a blog such a powerful tool?

1) A blog gets more traffic as its's designed to rank better in the search engines. A blog has special built in features that no other website platform has. These features increase your ability to get found by google. Get found by Google organically on it's front page for your keyword terms and you have struck gold.

2) Google loves blogs and so rank them quickly.

3) People love blogs as they are content rich. They will spend more time there, and keep coming back. A blog is such an easy way to provide people with value. As a result visitors will stay on your site for a lot longer and visit all the different pages on your site and explore all it's various features Not only that you can allow others to get to know you in an unobtrusive and non-threatening manner. A blog is an easy way to brand yourself as a leader. If you have a blog you are instantly seen as a person of authority. Why is this so? Because most people aren't bold enough to do it, so if you are then you are obviously a stand out from the crowd.

4) Once you publish a blog post it gets pinged to google. This automatically lets google know there is new information to index and it gets indexed immediately unlike standard content websites. The power of pinging lies though, in the fact that the ping sends a link to 40-60 other websites letting them know your blog has been updated. These links back to your blogs increases your ranking on Google. Remember one of Google ranking rules is the more 'popular' your sites seem (due to these link backs) then the higher you'll rank.

Blogging is the best free lead generation tool. Make your blog the hub of your business, and a must in your marketing plan. You'll get ranked better, faster and easier. And we all know higher rankings on google means better business and higher profits.

Get started today. It's simple and easy. I'm currently setting up 2 new blogs, applying all I have learned from my marketing training. Join our lead marketing system and learn some empowering marketing tips to explode your business.

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