People usually associate the color black with something negative and gloomy. It may be hard for you to believe now, but once you start by painting one wall a dark color, it will become evident that it is universal. Add a few catchy accents and good lighting - and the interior of your room is ready. This article will debunk this myth and prove that this color can be an elegant, stylish, and even striking feature of your interior.

Features of black color
Black color is achromatic and doesn’t belong to either the warm or cool spectrum (as well as white and gray colors). Therefore, you can create thousands of combinations with it, and most will be successful. A competent approach to using this color will allow you to create an attractive and “tasty” interior design and save time on choosing advantageous color combinations.

Black color is not only universal but also incredibly graphic, it can be used to differentiate different parts of the room. It enhances other colors well due to the contrast it creates. You can take advantage of this feature by creating a dark border on the walls, thereby emphasizing other interior shades.

However, it is worth noting that for people with anxiety and psychological disorders, prolonged exposure to a dark room can cause a worsening of symptoms and even lead to depression. In this regard, we would like to draw your attention to the caution of using dark shades in the design of a room with black walls.

Pros and cons of black in the interior
- It makes the space visually deeper.
- It is convenient to combine it with bright and calmer colors, which means the scope for imagination is unlimited.
- It is a timeless classic, suitable for interior design in luxurious, stylish homes and small, cozy apartments.
- It doesn’t get dirty, which means that dust and minor dirt will not be visible on the walls (if it is not a glossy coating).
- It can be combined with any other color you like, which means you can make the design of your room bright and interesting.
- Paintings, photographs, posters, and geographical maps will look great on a dark wall.

Stores now offer a huge range of different wall coverings: wallpaper, matte, glossy and varnish paints, tiles, etc. When choosing a design for a room with black walls, pay attention to chalkboard paint, which is very popular now. Such walls resemble a blackboard; perhaps that’s why you want to draw on them so much.

Despite the abundance of advantages of the presence of black on the walls, there are also disadvantages of using it for design:
- It narrows the space, visually making the room smaller. If you have a small room, make only one wall dark. This will add a stylish accent to your design without visually narrowing the room.
- It creates a feeling of cold in the room. However, this can be easily overcome by adding various warm-colored decorations to the walls.

Rules for black wall design
Although black is a universal color, it should be used carefully in design to ensure that all rooms are exactly as you intended them to be. For example, stores now offer many different types of wallpaper, the choice of which can sometimes get confusing, but not all of them will look equally good on the walls in different rooms of your apartment (living room, kitchen, bedroom). For example. If you have a small bedroom in a Provence style, a black wall will not be a good choice. However, in combination with an industrial kitchen, black walls may have a gorgeous effect.

Choose a glossy finish; light will reflect from it, and your room will not look gloomy. You can purchase textured wallpaper with various inserts, shiny tints, and gold elements for the same purpose. By choosing glossy walls instead of matte, you fill the room with light and dilute the depth of the dark color.

When thinking through the design, take care of good lighting in the room where you plan to paint the walls dark. If there is a lack of light in the room, it will be dull, so the rule “the more, the better” applies here. One of the most preferable solutions to the problem of lack of light would be to install large panoramic windows.

As mentioned above, dark colors greatly narrow the space, so it is worth diversifying the room with elements with an expanding visual effect. One of these is partially painting the walls black. For example, you can paint two opposite walls black and the other two walls beige, gray or white. Or choose one wall to act as a dark accent to your room. Think carefully about what color you will create combinations with. This choice affects the success of the entire room design with black walls.

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