What is a child bipolar?

Childbipolar is a mental disorder in the child, causes people to notice changes in the child’s behavior, such as extreme changes in mood and behavior. Sometimes, children with this disorder are more energetic and happy and active than usual. While sometimes, children are more down, less active than usual. According to the behavior, child bipolar can be of two types, manic disorder, and depressive disorder.

Bipolar disorder or manic-depressive disorder isn’t like the normal ups and down in a kid. The mood changes in this disorder are more extreme, unprovoked, and are accompanied by changes in sleep, energy level, ability to think. This disorder can make it hard for children to perform well in school and other curriculum activities. It can also affect the relationship and with family members and friends. Some children with this disorder can also try to hurt themselves and if remain untreated can also attempt suicide as well.

Most of the people are diagnosed in adulthood or adsolence. However, the symptoms might appear in earlier childhood. Bipolar disorder can be episodic, but in some cases, it can last a lifetime. In general, the sign of Bipolar Disorder can overlap with symptoms of other mental disorders such as ADHD, depression, conduct disorder, and major depression.

Causes of Bipolar disorder

Till now, the causes of Bipolar disorder are unknown. But there are several factors that can increase or contribute to the illness. Research shows that that are high chances of Bipolar Disorder if one of the family members has a mental disorder. Due to the genetic variation in children can Bipolar disorder can happen. However,  if one of the family members has a mental disorder, it's not necessary that the others will also suffer from it.

Trauma in childhood or during pregnancy can also cause this disorder. Premature birth or fetal problem is also a cause of Bipolar disorder.

Can Child with Bipolar Disorder have other problems?

Yes, Children with Bipolar disorder can also suffer from other problems at the same time. This include:

ADHD: Childrens that have Bipolar disease can also have problems staying focused. As both are mental disorders.

Anxiety Disorder: Children with bipolar or other mental disorders may also suffer from anxiety.

Misuse of alcohol: Young people with bipolar disorder are at high risk of drugs and alcohol use.

Diagnosis of Bipolar disorder

Child Bipolar Quiz can also help you to diagnose this disease. The health professional can also ask you some questions related to the routine and behavior of the child. A previous medical history will also be needed to perform the diagnosis. The doctor will also analyze that whether the child is suffering from Bipolar disorder or having other disorders with overlapping symptoms. Because ADHD and Bipolar can have the same symptoms and sometimes can be hard to find in children of smaller ages.

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