A celebration of great magnitude is in order! The wildfire of attention to the movie The Secret signals a massive consciousness awakening. My gratitude goes out to Rhonda for producing it and to Oprah for bringing it to greater awareness in the world.

After you have a chance to play with the Law of Attraction for awhile, you may find inconsistency in the results. Sometimes it will seem to work like magic. Other times it seems to not work at all or gives you some skewed version of your conscious manifestation. There are two main reasons for this:

- Early Programming
- Multi-Dimensional Reality

Early Programming
Some will feel challenged because their minds seem to be on automatic pilot, continuing to offer up mostly thoughts based in fear/separation/lack consciousness.

I predict that the next great awakening will revolve around the realization that our thoughts spring forth from our mind’s computer-like programming, which was created in our first seven years of life.

Think of your ego as a self-identity program running within your mind/body bio-computer. This self-identity program constructed your identity in the first seven years of your life by looking for patterns in your experience. When it recognized a pattern, it assigned a meaning to the pattern. The meaning and the pattern became a “rule” in computer terms – you call it a belief. This rule was added to your programming. At around seven years of age, your self-identify program stopped adding new rules and began gathering data to provide evidence to support the rules it created.

At that point, your ego’s job became protecting your mind-created identity. That’s why is so hard to improve your self-image. Your programming was created by you, as a child, with your immature understanding, inadequate and wounded perspective, within the limited environment of your family, school, church and neighborhood.

You’ve been told that your thoughts produce feelings and feelings produce actions (or reactions) and the combination creates your reality. But how do you stop those old fear/lack-based thoughts from popping into your head?

What’s missing in the Law of Attraction teachings is the step that comes BEFORE thought – your programming. The most effective way to generate positive thoughts, feelings, and actions that are consistent with what you consciously choose to create is to upgrade your programming. You can upgrade from lack/limitation/separation consciousness to love/joy/prosperity consciousness.

When you upgrade your programming, your mind will generate positive thoughts, which produces positive feelings and positive actions. You will make better choices. You will suddenly see opportunities your mind filtered out before. You will open to the prosperity your ego was holding at bay in order to be loyal to your mind-created identity.

Multi-Dimensional Reality
Mother Earth has already raised Her frequency enough to host multi-dimensional Paradise Realities. Humans have the opportunity to ascend with her and enjoy higher dimensional versions of Earth where the lower frequencies of fear, poverty, illness, struggle and pain cannot exist.

The Secret teaches you to imagine what you want to create, feel it as if it already exits and then allow it to unfold. But what happens if you are limited by your imagination? Where does your imagination come from? It’s foundation is built upon your past experience in a 3-dimensional reality based in fear, limitation and separation consciousness. Can you even imagine the infinite possibilities that exist in higher multi-dimensional reality? Not really, we don’t have a frame of reference for it.

Two years ago, knowing that we were moving toward this evolution in our basic reality structure, I was inspired to develop and teach a new way of manifesting called Manifesting from the Heart.

Instead of using your mind to imagine what you want to create, use your feelings. Determine how you want to feel when your manifestation takes form and avoid formulating any thoughts about what it may look like. Then, in meditation, create a heart-based holographic blueprint of the manifestation. Send the blueprint out into the void, which will attract a holographic image of a matching potential reality and bring it to your consciousness for closer examination. Look at it from many different perspectives and decide if you like it. If you do, then I anchor it into the Earth to experience in your physical reality. This is how multi-dimensional beings in multi-dimensional Earth will co-create their own version of Paradise on Earth.

Author's Bio: 

Suzanna Kennedy, Divine Human Upgrade Facilitator, Chief Creative Officer of Reality Crafting. During her 18-year career in Detroit, MI, Suzanna was a highly respected business consultant, specializing in the design of corporate training programs and leading large-scale change initiatives. In 1997, she experienced a spontaneous quantum consciousness awakening and everything changed overnight. Driven to execute her true life’s purpose of facilitating personal and planetary evolution, she left the corporate world and dove heart-first into her apprenticeship with higher dimensional teachers.

Suzanna is the author of Sacred Union: Pathway to Paradise. She shares her Sacred Union Technology™ via private sessions, teleclasses, workshops, retreats, books and CDs. Visit her website at http://RealityCrafting.com or email her at SacredUnion@RealityCrafting.com.