It is very commonly believed that anti inflammatory drugs and painkillers are just what it takes to overcome conditions like backache, stiffness, inflammation or even arthritis.

However in practice, while these medications provide temporary relief from discomfort, they may have serious side effects.

Alternative medication or therapy could be extremely effective for healing such conditions, and it is something that one must definitely be aware of.

Let us go through some of the very basic alternative treatments for joint pains and disorders:

1. Water

Water has no substitute and for every system in our body to function properly, water is essential.

A fact about water which is understated and not understood with due importance is that when someone suffers from Unintentional Chronic Dehydration (UCD), it causes pain and many degenerative diseases. These can simply be prevented by increasing water intake and that too on a regular basis.

Some of the disorders that have shown to be associated with reduced water intake as one of the underlying causes are fibromyalgia, arthritis and back pain.

Consuming water helps in the following ways:

o Promotes circulation

o Flushes out toxins and waste so as to prevent joint inflammation

o Lubricates the joints, as a dehydrated cartilage leads to joint deterioration and pain.

o Muscles are 70% water and dehydration could lead to muscle spasms. Consuming water alleviates muscle spasms.

So one of the basic ways to alleviate joint pain is not waiting until you are thirsty, and consuming water as a matter of habit.

2. Exercise and Physical Therapy:

People sometimes have the opinion that exercise would aggravate joint pain and stiffness, but as per Mayo Clinic "Exercise helps ease arthritis pain and stiffness".

One should recognize the fact that lack of exercise can make joints more painful and stiff. As one gets regular exercise, it

o Strengthens muscles around joints

o Works towards maintaining bone strength

o Ensures increased stamina and energy

o Improves quality of sleep

o Improves sense of well being

o Helps keep one's weight under check, so as to reduce the weight that joints are required to carry

And for someone who finds it difficult to go for regular exercise, physical therapy is a great way to make a start!

Ideally, your exercise routine should include:

o Flexibility workouts which involve both, stretching and range-of-motion

o Resistance workouts

o Cardio

If required you may choose to skip high impact exercises altogether.

3. Correct Posture and Spinal Alignment

If you maintain a healthy posture, your spine is sure to be strong and healthy. But if you slouch and stoop, muscles and ligaments struggle to keep you balanced. And this could lead to problems like back pain, headaches and fatigue.

When we provide the right kind of an environment for our bodies, the healing process is sure to accentuate itself. And for the same, going for a topical medication, in particular an herbal topical medication could also yield positive results.


o Enhance blood circulation

o Reduce pain and inflammation

o Strengthen supporting muscles

o Calcify bones & prevent damage

o Enhance lubrication in bone joints

o Reduce the rate of cartilage damage

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