So many people go on a weight loss journey just to fail. Even I, have binge dieted off and on for years. For me the problem always was that the diets were either inconvenient, expensive, or just too restrictive. I mean who wants to count all those calories, keep track of carbs, or not be able to eat your favorite foods? Unfortunately, the fact of it is you have to be able to stick to the diet for it to work.

The trick is finding the right diet. A diet that fits into your lifestyle and won’t make you cringe about the breakfast you are waking up to. Since everyone’s lifestyle is different there isn’t a one size fits all solution to weight loss. Thankfully there are a plethora of diets out there and new ones pop up each and every day. Let’s review a few just to help give you a starting point for your weight loss journey.

The Keto Diet:

This diet is based on high fat and high protein foods. Carbs are limited here as well. The basics are it throws your body into ketosis which causes you to burn more fat. Eating Keto suits many people because you can still eat a lot of the foods you are used to eating. It does however, involve a lot of prep work. You have to cook and pack all of your meals and snacks. There is also some skepticism that the high fat diet isn’t very healthy. Here’s a Harvard review on keto to help you get an informed view

Eating Clean

This one involves cutting out all processed foods and simple carbs. It’s basically just an extremely healthy diet. The idea is that by cutting out the processed foods your body will function at its peak. Cutting out the junk also significantly cuts calories and fat. This is the chosen diet of many gym goers as it’s about getting healthy. You can and will lose weight eating clean. However, like keto it involves cooking and prepping all of your food. This is what the Mayo Clinic has to say about eating clean

The Nutrisystem Diet

Nutrisystem involves eating pre-made foods with a few added healthy snacks. It’s convenient because all of the foods are prepped for you. So it’s ideal for those living busy lives. The prepped foods are healthy, will help you lose weight, and from what I hear they taste great. You can even have it delivered straight to your house. As if the already prepared foods wasn’t easy enough! Does all of that sound too good to be true for you? For more information on Nutrisystem check out this review


We have been hearing about weight watchers for years. There are tons of recipes already in circulation and they assign points to many of the foods you can buy prepackaged in the grocery store. You basically keep track of your points and try to eat as healthy as possible while accruing those points. While there are a ton of options, you do have to keep track of your points throughout the day.


This is a low carb diet. You basically stop eating most carbs and sugars. You can eat out on this one easily, but most of the food needs to be prepped and cooked ahead. You will also have to count your carbs throughout the day. I have also done the atkins diet. You will lose weight quickly, but you will have about a week of “adjustment” where your body learns to produce energy without carbs.

Old Fashioned calorie counting

I’ve done this one several times myself. You calculate how many calories you can eat to lose X amount of pounds. Then you track all of your calories eaten in a day and make sure not to go over your limit. It’s flexible in that there aren’t any big food restrictions. However, you would be surprised at some of the foods that are high calorie. There is also the remembering to track your calories part. Then the checking calories at restaurants part. Of course, you can download an app to track them for you.

There you have it! My brief overview of several diets that will be hot in 2019. Some of them are tried and true, and some are the big new thing. What I recommend is picking the diet that fits your lifestyle and will be easiest to stick to. You want to be able to stick to your diet and succeed after all! Happy dieting everyone :)

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Nowadays everyone wants to look smart and handsome. In this article, I have written some weight loss diets that are helpful to reduce your weight. As a writer, I have written so many articles on health and fitness. This article is helpful for overweight people.