While planning a vacation to a destination, a person always makes a list of the popular places to visit. These places are often tourist spots. Tourist spots are crowded with visitors during the holiday season and the charm of the place is lost. Vacations are an escape from monotonous daily life. It is a break from the hectic schedule. You might be expecting some solace on your holiday trip but end up in crowded tourist spots. These places are so crowded that forget about clicking pictures, you might not even get a chance to see around properly. If you want to feel the calmness and solitude of your vacation, then you must consider some undiscovered places to visit. After you finish visiting the tourist attractions of a city, you can opt for more adventurous unknown locations.

So if you are visiting to the beautiful city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu anytime soon, you already know the famous tourist destinations to visit. Meenakshi Temple, Gandhi Memorial Museum, Alagar Koil, Thirupparankundram Murugan Temple etc. must be topping your list. But do you know that there are a few unexplored attractions in Madurai that you must include in your travel list if you really want to know the city well. There are many hotels in Madura that are close to these destinations. Transportation is also available to these places easily. So before you head out for this beautiful city on the banks of river Vagai, you should definitely consider visiting the following places:
1. Samanar Hills
This place is for you if you love to dwell in the past and the history of a place is all that matters to you. This is hill-rock housing many beautiful Jain Caves. These caves are very old and holds great historical value. The caves are known to have been constructed in the 9th century. The beauty of these caves have been preserved for centuries. If you want a perfect panoramic photograph of the settlement around the historical complex, you have to go to the top of the hill. The sculptures and carvings on the walls of the cave is a historical fanatic’s delight. The drawings on the cave walls give much information about the history of Madurai and its ancient people. Located about 15 kms away from the main city of Madurai, Samanar Hills is a perfect historical complex to explore. It will surely take you back in time and you live the history.

2. Vilacheri
Art lovers will definitely find some inspiration from Vilacheri. Vilacheri is a village located on the outskirts of the city. It takes about 10 kms to travel to Vilacheri from the main city of Madurai. The place is popularly known as the Potter’s village because of its wonderful work of pottery. If you like to know about the art and skills of pottery then this place will interest. You can witness making of various types of clay pots. Watch them being mastered from clay to beautifully painted pots. The locals are very friendly and kind enough to give you more information about the artistry of pot making. You can purchase their famous Navratri golu dolls and paper clay dolls. They can be a great souvenir to take back from Vilacheri.

3. Banana Market
Now you might be doubtful about the uniqueness of the place. But have you ever been to some place where you get to see and taste 17 varieties of banana! The market has shops stacked with thousands of bananas of different types. It looks absolutely surreal with the different shades of green and yellow everywhere. If you are a banana lover, you must taste all kinds of bananas available in this market. Even if you are not, you should definitely visit this place to see what a marvelous place it is!
4. St. Mary’s Cathedral
It is one of the oldest Roman Catholic churches in South India. The exact foundation of it is unknown. The majestic beauty of a Cathedral is different from other churches. The solitude of the old church and its historical structure will definitely enthrall you.

5. Pazhamudircholai Murugan Temple
Pazhamudircholai Murugan Temple is located on the top of a hill amongst the greenery of a forest. It located almost about 25 km away from Madurai city. If you like quiet places reflecting spiritual solitude then this will be a great place to explore. You can reach Pazhamudircholai Murugan Temple via road.
You should definitely include these few off-beat places in Madurai to your ‘places to visit’ list. Also you can use public transportation to reach these destinations easily without any hassle. For hotel bookings you can always trust on OYO Rooms. Your trip to Madurai will be a memorable one and you would always want to go back again.

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